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How luxie tech accelerates product delivery, achieving 7%+ revenue growth, with monday dev

Meet luxie tech

luxie tech builds solutions to unlock the full potential of its customers’ tech stacks. It creates integrations and apps for leading project management tools, CRM software, accounting software, and more to enhance operations and simplify workflows.

The challenge

At luxie tech, delivering great products for customers on time depends on smooth teamwork between developers and other internal stakeholders. As the business grew, it became clear that unstructured ways of working were no longer sufficient to handle the increasing workload.

“When the team was small, it was easy to work together through email and Slack messages,” shares Mitchell Hudson, who oversees the Dev, Sales, and Customer Support teams as Head of Technology. “But we grew quickly. Working through email started to get messy. Details were getting lost in translation and project timelines were getting longer.”

Beyond creating internal frustrations, these inefficiencies made it impossible for the Dev team to prioritize requests, leading to delays in product delivery and impacting overall customer satisfaction.

The solution

Why monday dev?

luxie tech is not a typical software development company. Instead of building one product, developers work on multiple integrations and apps for customers. This made it critical to find a customizable solution.

“A lot of the tools we tried were just too rigid to meet our needs,” Mitchell recalls. “We had to connect multiple products to get the results we wanted, which created even more friction between our teams.”

“When monday dev was released, we were excited,” shares Alex Robinson, Head of Delivery. “From our experience using monday work management, we knew we’d be able to adapt monday dev to support our specific needs and ways of working.”

Improving development outcomes and reducing time to market

Using monday dev, luxie tech has automated its work intake processes, allowing its Dev teams to deliver faster and stay informed about important details previously lost in the shuffle.

“Before monday dev, our Sales team would need to manually reach out to our Operations team to send an invoice,” says Alex. “And the Dev team might not immediately know once the client has paid so they can begin working. This had the potential to delay projects up to two months.”

Now, once the Sales team closes a new deal in HubSpot, it triggers an automated notification alerting the Finance team to generate an invoice. Once the customer has paid the invoice, the project is assigned to the relevant sprint and developers so work can kick off immediately.

The HubSpot integration also ensures that the development team has access to the information they need from Sales to create solutions that meet customer expectations, reducing unnecessary feedback loops.

Breaking down silos and maximizing project capacity

With all project details in monday dev, everyone at luxie tech has access to the information they need to do great work:
  • Developers can focus on developing without needing to manage manual, administrative tasks. A GitHub integration boosts collaboration without the need to use multiple tools simultaneously.
  • Customer-facing teams can communicate project details to clients without having to chase down status updates.
  • Project managers can quickly spot and mitigate potential bottlenecks in the delivery process.
Screenshot 2024 06 27 at 9.22.25
This visibility is also critical from a management perspective. In-platform reporting capabilities give leadership insight into progress against KPIs, quality and speed of customer service, and workload to support strategic headcount planning.

Additionally, the proactive oversight of workload and resources allows luxie tech to optimize project planning and schedule developers in advance, which has resulted in a 30% increase in project capacity.
Screenshot 2024 06 27 at 9.58.53

Enhancing customer satisfaction by streamlining feedback workflows

Once a project is completed, the quality assurance (QA) process guarantees it meets customer needs and expectations prior to going live. Previously, this process was managed manually.

Now, if any bugs or issues are identified during the QA phase, project managers and clients can fill out a form to easily relay the details. The connection between monday dev and monday service ensures that these tickets are routed directly to the developer for speedy resolution.

The impact

Using monday dev, luxie tech eliminated lengthy delays in product delivery and increased its capacity to take on more customer projects. Strengthening internal collaboration improved customer satisfaction and ultimately increased revenue.

“The first quarter we implemented monday dev, we saw a 7% increase in revenue,” says Mitchell. “And in the second quarter, we saw another 9% increase on top of this for the departments that are using monday dev.”
“monday dev empowers us to manage the entire development process on one platform so we can speed up product delivery and improve customer satisfaction.”
Mitchell Hudson | Head of Technology, luxie tech

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