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#3 10 Questions

10 questions, answered :)

To save you time, we gathered a list of ten questions our trial users ask the most.

1️⃣ Is there a free trial?

Yes, you can try for free! Once your trial expires, you may purchase a subscription or reach out to our customer success team if you need a bit more time to test the platform. Head over here to see the differences between the plans and how much they cost.

2️⃣ What plan am I on during trial?

You’re under the pro plan :) The pro plan is the most advanced plan in terms of features. Scroll down to see the differences between the plans.

3️⃣ How can I log in to

When you signed up, you chose your URL name. This is the fastest and easiest way to log in. You can find this URL in the footer of the emails we sent you, or by clicking log in here. Tip: we recommend you bookmark your URL on your browser. That way, your will always be accessible.

4️⃣ Does work in my language?

We’ve just started translating into French, Spanish, Portuguese and German! If you signed up in one of these languages, you might still experience some parts of the platform in English. We are aware, and are working hard to translate everything ASAP!

5️⃣ How should I build my boards?

There are infinite ways to get started. We suggest you have a quick look at this guide to jumpstart your journey.

6️⃣ How does the pricing work? Is there a free plan?

When you upgrade, you’ll have to choose three things: the plan, the number of users, and how often you want to pay. First, choose which of these plans you want: basic, standard, pro and enterprise. Each one comes with different features. Then, select the number of users: the pricing works per group of users and not per user. Lastly, choose whether you wish to pay monthly, or yearly. A lot of our customers prefer to go for yearly because they come with a discount: 18% discount. You can also pay monthly and you can change your plan at any time. On the monthly plan, you can end your subscription at any time. We offer a full refund if you change your mind on the yearly plan within the first 30 days from subscribing.

7️⃣ Can I use alone, or with a team of two?

Yes! really loves helping small teams grow. We know the challenges startups or small companies face and we have crafted a few pricing options to help with this! Send us a message to, and we’ll help :)

8️⃣ Do you offer coupon codes?

If you’re a NGO or a NPO, you are entitled to a discount. Feel free to reach to for more information. We also offer early-bird discounts during the trial. Keep an eye on your email inbox!

9️⃣ All things users, guests, and admins.

You can invite as many users as you wish to your account. These users will have access to all your main boards and any shareable or private boards you invite them to. You will have at least one admin on the account and they control the account settings (like upgrading, inviting more users etc). Want to invite external people like clients or freelancers? Create a ‘shareable board’ and invite these users as guests. They won’t see any other board than the one they’ve been invited to :) You can learn more about the differences between guests, users and admins here.

🔟 Do you offer demos and webinars?

Yes. Check the green guide below 👇