Do you love Join our Partners Program

Are you evangelical about Are you looking to add a new revenue channel to your business? Would you like to get paid for helping teams work better together? If so, you might be interested in’s Partners Program!

It’s no secret that we’re all about growth here at While our mighty marketing team has been the primary driving force behind our expansion until now, we’re always looking for ways to reach new audiences. One new channel is our rapidly growing Partners Program.

The love we receive from customers is humbling and staggering. People profess a level of passion that makes us blush.

I want to hug the people that created this.
—Emma J. Coulson

The most life-changing software you’ll ever encounter!
—Sarah Kersley

My heart belongs to
—Liv Hadden

Amazing. Absolutely amazing.
—Katharine M.

The best thing since sliced bread.
—William Litwa

I’ll break your kneecaps if you go away.
—Sam Meier

It only makes sense to open up the Partners Program to our most loyal advocates—the customers that know our product inside and out and can benefit from sharing it with others. Some benefits of being a partner include:

  • You’ll earn a generous commission
  • You can add a new revenue channel via professional services
  • You’ll get a free account for your own team to use!

If you’re interested, visit our Partners Page to learn more and drop us a line. We’d love to have you join the team!