Total Economic Impact™ Study:

Partners saw a 2X
YoY growth in service revenues

In the 2023 commissioned Total Economic Impact study of, Forrester Consulting uncovers how empowers partners to grow revenue and gain more market share.

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The economic impact of's partner ecosystem
ROI over a 3 year period
In total service revenues over a 3 year period
month investment
payback period
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of the partners' overall revenue in the composite is attributed to their practice
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The following trusted partners were interviewed for the study and it includes testimonials from each of them
“Our growth within our own practice has absolutely skyrocketed, and our profitability is excellent”
Jack Taylor, CEO
"What made us choose is its UI and the front-end application. It is also important that can be applied to so many different use cases"
John Chlopek, Principal
"It’s quite impressive because next year I can break even with existing reselling revenue. Everything we do next year is more or less pure profit"
Thomas M Karlsson, CEO
"We are going to invest more in the apps marketplace because we think the potential there is huge"
Matan Holi, CEO and Co-Founder
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