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Our green efforts

From Elevate ‘23 online to all of our in-person events in 2023, we’re focusing our resources and efforts to reenvision how we can create impactful, sustainable experiences for our customers.

Tracing our 

carbon tracks

Working with South Pole/Climeet, we’re keeping track of our’s carbon footprint for events around the globe — across travel, catering, waste, and more. 

Carbon offsetting

Once we understand our carbon footprint, it’s time to get offsetting. By registering for Elevate, you’ll help us choose between 3 initiatives to help offset our mark on earth. 



We’re planting trees in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, home to 70% of Brazil's population, to help protect and restore this incredible ecosystem and the communities in this region.

Reusable products 

& materials

We’re committed to not using plastic to cut waste and offer the most sustainable experience to participants. We’re upcycling and reusing materials for future events.

Food donation 

& compost

Good food is a key ingredient to a good event so we’re donating leftovers to food banks, diverting food scraps from landfills to gardens, and raising a glass to only using compostable silverware.



Our team is dedicated in separating and recycling all waste to their relevant centers and partnering with a printing brand awarded prominent certification from the Forest Stewardship Council.