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Is Elevate ‘23 free to watch?

Yes! Anyone is welcome to access and watch Elevate ‘23 after signing into our monday presents portal. 

Who should watch Elevate ‘23?

Elevate ‘23 is for all customers to enjoy. Not a customer? Watch anyway to learn new ways to level up your work and see the magic of the platform first-hand.

Why should I watch?

It is a great way to learn about what’s coming next for in the upcoming year, hear unforgettable customer stories from top brands, and more.

I want to join Elevate ‘24 live. How can I find out when that’s happening?

Be the first to know about Elevate ‘24 via the link here: 

Is the monday mansion still available?

The Elevate simulated virtual experience, monday mansion, is still open for anyone to explore here: While you won’t be able to watch sessions or network with others, you’re still welcome to walk through dedicated product rooms, explore new use cases, and more.

Have additional questions?

We’re all ears. Email us at On our end, we’ll be refreshing that inbox button the whole event so keep an eye on your inbox for our reply.