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Digital whiteboard software

Don’t let distance affect your team’s ability to collaborate. Our digital whiteboard software allows you and your team to freely sketch, add pictures and collaborate in real-time, all in one place.

Creativity in your Work OS

With a digital whiteboard within your Work OS, your teams will be able to turn ideation and creative processes into aligned execution. That means team members are always in sync, next steps are defined with clear ownership, and collaborative ideation is built into your processes.

Collaborate virtually

Our digital whiteboard allows teams to work together and brainstorm as if they were in the same room.

Work together, from anywhere

Get everyone on the same page in minutes by clearly showing your vision. Easily share your whiteboard with your team, ensuring alignment on post-meeting action items.

Work with your team easily from anywhere - as if you're in the same office

Express ideas clearly and move through projects and processes together
Push forward

Export your finished product to use as a point of reference post-meeting

Check out a few ways a digital whiteboard
can improve your everyday work

<b>Team meetings and creative brainstorming </b>
<b>Remote interviews</b>
<b>Teaching and training</b>

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