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Mar 4th, 2019. 2 min read
How to onboard your team to
This board is the first thing a new user should use when starting with It will help a new user understand the structure and basic flow of the platform in the sense of task management, tracking, and communication.

The board will give a new user the confidence to start working with the platform after a short period of training while providing the trainer with the ability to track their progress in mastering the platform.

Getting started tips
Once you’ve downloaded the template to your account, duplicate it for each new starter. Assign a trainee and a trainer using the person columns. Set dates for each stage of training and invite your new starter to the board.

You might decide to write your own guidance for using the board in the updates section of the pulse entitled ‘Guidance’. You can leave the new user to go through each of the pulses of the board, marking each pulse as “Done” as they complete the material provided.

You might encourage the new user to ask any questions about the material using the updates section, @mentioning the trainer in order to practice communicating inside the platform.

"Because it brings new users to everything they need to stand on their feet"
Doron Eliezer
Why we love this template
It's friendly, easy to use and introduces the world of to the user in training.

It will give the new user confidence in using the platform in a short amount of time.

Without this template I would
Spend time repeating instructions instead of giving a new user the freedom to experiment and learn the platform independently.
Doron Eliezer
Hi I'm Doron Eliezer from monday and this was my story
Doron Eliezer
Hi I'm Doron Eliezer from monday and this is my story, check it out training board template