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Jun 30th, 2018. 2 min read
Organised project plan for our platform setups
We use this template as a checklist, and duplicate it, to help us keep track of all the tasks our teams need to complete for each client that comes onboard our platform. We also use this template to store all the information handed to us by our clients as a reference source and to organise task's that our design team and dev team need to complete within every project. It's a great way to see what our teams are working on and how far ahead we are with each project before launch.
Getting started tips
Our template is simple. We group certain tasks by teams (design and dev). And use the status to keep track of what has been completed on our checklist and what we still need to complete before every launch.
"It's so simple to keep track of tasks that need to be completed for each of our clients. Our whole team can contribute to get tasks done!"
Natalia Skitarelic
Why we love this template
Its great! We have a general overview of all our tasks and allows us to make sure we are working on everything (without missing some of our important tasks). We can see what things haven't been completed yet and we can all contribute to changing the status of pulses to 'Done'.
Without this template I would
be losing track of everything. This makes all our projects so simple. We also store everything handed to us by our clients and save notes and important assets/files that everyone on our team can get access to.
Natalia Skitarelic
Hi I'm Natalia Skitarelic from Funraisin and this was my story
Natalia Skitarelic
Hi I'm Natalia Skitarelic from Funraisin and this is my story, check it out