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Senior Team Leader (BigBrain)
  • Tel Aviv-Yafo
  • Come and join our data decision-driving team, BigBrain. The team (named after the system it develops and maintains) is in charge of building data pipelines for receiving and storing all of our data, managing and transforming it using cutting-edge technology and making it accessible to everyone (literally, everyone) at, both through technology and by knowledge and training.

    When you come into our office, the first thing you notice is our 100+ Raspberry Pi-powered TV screens spread everywhere, each displaying a dashboard reflecting the company’s status in real-time, from our financial data, through marketing and all the way to live usage statistics. These are just one of the tools the team uses to make data clear and accessible.

    The team’s core mission is fuelling our ability to determine our high-level goals, refine our strategies and plan for the future by turning heaps of raw data into meaningful and comprehensive insights. We like to put it as “putting data to use to make the company work 10x better”.

    If you are a strong leader who is interested in developing a whole domain and getting involved in the decision-making that makes what we are today, this role is a rare opportunity to do just that.


    Our Stack

    Ruby on Rails, Node.js, React.js, MemSQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, AWS as a cloud provider

    A little bit more about BigBrain team

    Cracking A/B Testing

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    The Role

    The Role:

    • Lead a team of highly talented and independent developers, empowering them to achieve their goals, mentoring and supporting them in their professional development to grow and excel and in a rapidly changing environment where code is deployed multiple times a day.
    • Centralize team's activities, including new feature development, automation, testing, bugs management, and planning your team's iterations in an Agile environment
    • Develop features end-to-end, from thinking about the product, working cross-organization teams, development, testing, deployment, to post-deployment analysis.
    Your Experience & Skills
    • Experience managing a team and leading projects hands-on from start to finish
    • Experience building web applications from scratch in a production environment
    • Passion for both client-side and server-side development
    • Team player, strong communication skills, empathy, and someone who thrives working in a fast-paced environment
    • Degree in Computer Science (not a must; we're always looking for super talented people)
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