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What will you be managing with monday.com?

Assignments and exams
Group projects
Student organization
Academic requirements
Internship and job applications
Research projects
Curriculum planning
Administrative work
Event planning
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Designed to fit your needs

Whether you’re tracking class requirements, grades, cross-departmental projects or extracurricular activities, monday.com is fully customizable so that you and your peers can get started instantly.

Educational continuity from anywhere

monday.com is your game-changing collaborative space where you can manage any project, assignment or class, from anywhere.
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Stay connected on-the-go

Manage any project, program, extracurricular activity or organization-wide initiative.

Automate your workflows

Set-up notifications and reminders to stay on top of your work and never miss a deadline.

Integrate your eLearning tools

Integrate with the tools you use every day to ensure a seamless educational experience.

Hit the ground running with ready-to-go templates

You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to get started,
even when learning or teaching remotely.

Get advice from the experts on remote learning

Looking for tips and tricks, stories from our users, best practices, and more? We've got you covered.

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