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Intro to monday apps

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What is a monday App? is a work OS that powers teams to run processes, projects and everyday work their way. This is how enables teams and organizations to build tailor-made solutions to manage their workflows. The options are infinite when you use the platform's building block features like – board views, dashboard widgets, integrations, automations, and more.

The monday Apps Framework allows developers to build new types of building blocks on top of

A monday app is a set of features that are built with the monday Apps Framework. Each account that installs the monday app can use the app's features to build their workflow.

Who can build apps?

Any developer can build on top of using the Apps Framework. We built the framework to work independently of the technologies you're using (e.g. languages, frameworks, infrastructure, etc.).

The framework provides a set of tools to help you build your app easily, in order to let you focus on what matters.

Why build monday apps?

You can build and install private apps that are exclusive to your monday account. While also having the ability to add custom functionalities to automate your workflow, integrating with any other system your organization uses and being able to create visuals and custom reports for your needs.

You can also make your app a public app which will allow you to share it with the monday community. You can build apps that improve the product and sell them on your own, or become a Partner and create apps as a service you provide to your clients. In the future you will be able to submit your apps and share them in the marketplace we are building.

Building Board Views, Dashboard Widgets and Item Views

The monday Apps Framework allows builders to develop board views, dashboard widgets and item views. These features let users visualize and manage data from their boards in a number of ways (charts, custom tables, kanban views, to name a few).

Each feature can display and manage data, but lives in a different context:

  • Board views are connected to a single board
  • Dashboard widgets are connected to multiple boards
  • Item views are connected to a single item on a board

Board View

Dashboard Widget

Item View

Want to build your first view or widget? Read our views & widgets quick start guide.

Building Integration Recipes

Through custom integrations users have the ability to connect any system to, sync all of their information, and automate their workflow across multiple services. Integrations contain multiple recipes; each recipe defines a rule (Trigger → Action) that users can use to enhance their workflow.

Integration Feature

Integration Recipes

Want to build your first integration recipe? Read our integration recipe quick start guide.

Start Building

To start building your first monday app all you need is a monday account.

If you do not already have a account, sign up for a free Developer account here.

In your account go to your Avatar menu and then pick the developers section to create your first app.

Learn more about how to create and manage your apps here

Build your first dashboard widget or board View: Views/Widget quick start guide

Build your first integration recipe: Integration Recipe quick start guide

Where can users find your app's features?

Once an app is installed in an account, every user on that account can use the app features by adding them to their board/dashboard.

Users can add a view to your board from the views' center:

Users can add a widget to their dashboard from the widgets' center:

Users can add the item view to their board from the item views' center:

Users can add integrations to their board from the integration center: