World Tour: “If It’s Not in, It’s Not Going to Get Done” [VIDEO]


One of the things we’re most proud of at is how diverse our customer base is: teams as small as two and as large as 1,000 all use to improve the way they work. Even cooler, our customers represent over 200 different verticals, and they all use in wildly different ways.

We decided it was time to finally meet some of these amazing customers in real life and see first-hand exactly how they’re using So we sent our resident partners in crime Asaf Fradkin (Head of Operations) and Joel “Rocky” Goldstein (Commissar of Product Marketing) to tour the United States and interview a handful of teams.

The stories that they came home with blew our socks off. We’ve been busy turning it into a video series, and we are super excited to share the first story of this world tour with you.

Meet East of Normal, a creative agency in New York City that creates content for premium brands such as NARS, Oscar de la Renta, and Cynthia Rowley. See how they use to track all of their projects and make sure everything gets done.

Stay tuned—we’ll be sharing more videos from the world tour soon, and possibly even some blackmail-worthy behind-the-scenes footage of Asaf and Joel. Enjoy! 😉

PS: There’s new behind-the-scenes footage of Joel and Asaf’s trip! They helped raise $25 million in funding, stole some customer templates, and didn’t get arrested. Check it out here.