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Remote Team Requests

The Remote Team Requests board is the perfect way to receive and organize IT, Ops, or any other kind of request from remote team members. Send the board as a form to all remote workers, have them fill their requests, and their answers will automatically populate the board, seamlessly integrating into your workflow. You can also dedicate a group to outstanding questions or FAQ to be used as a resource when there is no IT team around to ask.

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Daily Team Tasks

This template will help you and your team align daily team tasks to ensure you stay on the same page. Define your work sprints (days, weeks, months) to keep your work in context. You can assign a task owner to make sure everyone knows who needs to do what. Keep it all organized with statuses signifying the kind of task it is, and you’ll be ready to go!

Pro tip: Timeline view will give you a sense of your next week’s schedule at a glance.

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Project Communication Plan

With something like COVID-19 that has such profound effects both internationally and locally, it is important to align your company on planned communications. This can incompass internal communications— informing teams on logistics involved with transitioning remote, assuring them of the company’s business continuity, and also external communications— informing customers of the company’s health, plan of action, and any do-good initiatives planned.

This board can get you started right away. Organize your groups into weeks, months, or even days to plan the type of communication, who it is for, the owner of the project, and any additional comments needed. This will be the go-to resource for you teams when they need to stay up to date on the company’s messaging around COVID-19.

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Team Documents and Resources

Once you’ve used the communication plan template to make sure you’re aligned on your company-wide COVID-19 messaging, you’ll probably need to share that information externally, or become more informed yourself. This template will be your go to place to store anything from legal documents, sales pitches, presentations or training resources to make sure your team doesn’t skip a beat.

This board will ensure everyone on your team is aligned, working from the same source of truth. Having everyone on board with your COVID-19 plan and equipped with the necessary tools will ensure you can adapt quickly and effectively in these uncertain times.

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