With hybrid and flexible work largely embedded in our new normal, it’s no surprise that new difficulties have arisen for teams that are now navigating different time zones, work habits, cultures, and languages. And for managers and group leads, this has meant major challenges for team collaboration and efficiency. In fact, a 2022 global study revealed that 74% of managers reported that they don’t currently have the resources or influence needed to effectively run their hybrid workforce. Luckily, technology can help!

For all the reasons mentioned above, more and more organizations are recognizing how crucial it is to use collaboration software to keep teams aligned and maximize productivity.

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What is team collaboration software?

Let’s back up for a moment – what exactly is this game-changing software that can apparently solve major problems teams face?

Collaboration software is any platform or app that helps teams easily communicate, collaborate (hence the name), set goals, execute in tandem, and visualize progress. With the right collaboration software, teams can:

  • Access the same data and insights for one single source of truth
  • Communicate with stakeholders across departments in one centralized place
  • Collaborate on files within the platform to avoid miscommunication and feedback loops
  • Promote accountability and easily visualize individual roles in moving work forward
  • Contribute from anywhere and at any time (across time zones)
  • And more…

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Improve Your Team’s Collaboration

How does collaboration software boost productivity? 

  1. Tag-based messaging and updates: long email chains can prove really problematic when it comes to collaborating with your team, especially when juggling multiple projects and deadlines. That’s why, with monday.com’s collaboration software, you can simply tag relevant team members to assign tasks, update stakeholders, and streamline communication.
  2. Document sharing capabilities: most of the top collaboration tools allow you to share documents, links, and files so you don’t need to sift through endless folders to find what you’re looking for. monday.com takes things even further by allowing you to create, edit, and share files all from within the platform so you don’t need to bounce around different tabs and softwares!
  3. Project planning and tracking tools: effective collaboration tools can help teams of any size plan, execute, and monitor progress. Between pre-built templates to maximize efficiency, powerful visualization tools to help teams process information, and clearly assigned deadlines and owners to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, monday.com offers powerful tools to make project planning and tracking absolutely seamless.
  4. Reporting and dashboards: for managers, rather than spending time checking in with team members to get progress updates and manually creating quarterly reports for senior management, collaboration software does the work for you. In fact, monday.com lets you gather, analyze, and share data in a way that’s both intuitive and informative for all stakeholders.

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monday.com’s collaboration software:

There’s a reason monday.com’s slogan is “work without limits.” Its intuitive platform is designed to provide strategic solutions to the barriers that typically restrict effective collaboration and help teams get their best work done.

The no-code/low-code framework lets you effortlessly customize any workflow, integrate all the apps and tools your team uses into one centralized place, automate processes to keep every stakeholder up-to-speed in real-time, and visualize your work the way that works for you.

From the small but mighty teams to massive enterprises, monday.com can help any team maximize productivity and work better together.

Take advantage of this game-changing platform built for a new way of working.

What teams are saying about monday.com:

“Since adopting monday.com, our global marketing department has seen a 40% improvement in cross-team collaboration for successful end-to-end campaign planning and execution.” – Sarah Pharr, AVP Marketing at Genpact

“With monday.com, I no longer have to spend half the day answering emails. My team can just visit the platform and get a birds-eye view or dive deep into the details of what they need.” – Heather Price, Deputy Editor of Content at eMarketer

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