Wouldn’t you want your team to be on fire, like a team of a $1 billion company? If you do, learn this simple method for team management. We developed this method for monday.com customers. These include $1 billion companies like Uber, AOL online and Wix.

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Build a Successful Team in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Share the High Level Goals

If you want a deep commitment from your team and high motivation, you need to share the high level goals with them. A wise man once said, people search for meaning. Knowing the high level goals gives meaning to the tasks. When an employee knows the high level goals, then the tasks are just part of something bigger. Something everyone is trying to achieve together.

Step 2: Define Tasks for One Week at a Time

One week is a time frame that anyone can understand. It’s easy for people to estimate what they can get done in one week. So instead of managing one task after the other, create a list of tasks for one week only. The tasks should be things the team can definitely do in one week.

Here’s the most important thing about the list: Don’t write down things you want to do next week, right down things you will do next week. A team that says “this will get done” then gets it done, is a that feels successful and is prone to more success.

Step 3: Define Tasks Together

Make sure that the people assigned to the tasks are on board. This will ensure that tasks will get done. At the end of each week, talk to your team and decide together what you’re all going to work on next week. Remember, you shared the high level goals, so your employees know what’s important and what’s not. Now let them help you decide what will get you all closer to reaching those goals. And more important, what they can definitely do in one week’s time.

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Step 4: Give Clear Tasks

When you give an employee a task, they need to understand exactly what it is, and how to complete it. Otherwise, you’re setting them up for failure.

For example:

Vague task: Clean the kitchen.

Clear task: Do the dishes, throw out expired products, wash the floor, take out the trash.

Clear tasks = doable tasks = success.

Step 5: Give Recognition for Doing, Not Achieving

If you give your employees tasks, then you need to give them recognition for completing tasks. Tasks are things we do, not things we achieve. Things we achieve are often out of our control. Things we do aren’t. Don’t wait to see the results of the task. Give positive reinforcement and actionable feedback for completing the task. This will make your employees feel successful and geared towards more success.

Setting goals requires leadership – reaching them requires good management.


  1. Share the high-level goals, so that your team know what they’re working on.
  2. Manage your team one week at a time, not one task after the other. This will generate fast wins and a feeling of success.
  3. Start with tasks your team can easily complete to build them up for success. Success brings more success.
  4. Give recognition in public and in person the completion of tasks you give.
  5. Remember: Setting goals requires leadership. Reaching them requires good management.

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