Designed to help you organize appointments, tasks, and goals, calendar software helps keep everything running according to schedule, whether you’re working independently or with a team.

In this post, we’ll share our professional insights about the biggest perks of calendar software, how and when to use it, and how integrating it into workday can help you streamline your work, simplify your processes, and de-stress.

So loosen your tie, slip off your heels, and get ready for an easier way to organize your work.

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What is Calendar Software?

As the name might imply, calendar software is software that works like the digital version of your trusty desk calendar.

The significant benefit of calendar software is that it presents all those jumbled appointments and “to do” reminders in a visually simplistic way.

Plus, calendar software allows you to share calendars, invite other people to meetings or events, and access, edit, or share information with employees throughout the company.

While calendar software sometimes functions as a standalone offering, it can also be rolled into a more extensive office suite, which is the case with’s Work OS.

5 benefits of a shared calendar

You don’t even share a calendar with your spouse? Why introduce one to your team? The fact is that shared calendar software is a great way to set off a series of company-wide improvements that benefit everyone on the team.

Here are a few of the biggest perks to consider:

1. Better communication

The number one reason for a shared calendar is that it will streamline and simplify your team’s communication from day one.

Whether you’re planning a meeting or structuring a workflow, a shared calendar keeps everyone on the same page, even if you’re working from different offices.

If you’ve ever forgotten a client obligation, missed a deadline, or spaced on a meeting or call, you know how humiliating — and potentially damaging for your business — it can be.

The great news, though, is that shared calendars can seriously lessen the likelihood that that will happen.

With’s calendar app — for instance — you can set reminders, schedule events, block time, and invite other members of your team. It’s communication enhanced tenfold:'s calendar view makes planning your week easy and streamlined.

2. Enhanced productivity

Did you know that the average employee is interrupted at work 56 times a day?

Sounds about right…

While some of these interruptions are unexpected pop-ins from Carol down in accounting, lots of them are repetitive, manual tasks we could all afford to do less of: adding that client call to the calendar, setting a reminder for a task, etc.

Luckily, good calendar software lets you get more done with less stress. While scheduling meetings and organizing appointments can be time-consuming, stressful, and a little messy, a shared calendar allows you to eliminate some of those manual processes.

For example,’s calendar allows you to set up a recurring event, schedule reminders out for weeks or months, create a weekly schedule, add tasks with priority statuses, and set due dates.

In short: get it done fast and keep it moving.

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3. Better organization

In a recent Nintex survey, 39% of 1,000 workers questioned reported broken document management processes within their organization. Specifically, 49% said they had trouble locating documents or other important information.

Most of us can relate.

If you remember a time before everyone did everything on tiny pocket computers, you’ve probably experienced the unique hell that is trying to manage all your daily obligations on paper.

No matter how organized you think you are, the result is always that you wind up with a waterfall of post-it notes, illegibly scrawled appointments in the margins, and a stressful view of your daily life.

The great news about’s calendar software, though, is that it prevents pretty much all of this.

By organizing information in a visually appealing way that’s clean and neat, calendar software allows you to see your week at a glance.

Adjust due dates, set new appointment reminders, prioritize specific tasks, and more. It’s a more streamlined way to keep your most pressing events top-of-mind.

4. Integrate other calendars

You use’s calendar software, but you also keep some tasks in Google Calendar. No worries! allows you to integrate and sync Google Calendar with your account.

The result is all your task due dates and project timeline in one glorious, streamlined, visual, simplified dashboard. Plus, offers a mobile app so that you can keep your fancy self scheduled on the go.

Never. Forget. Anything. Again.

5. Get more done

Everyone wants to find ways to be more productive. Unfortunately, this can be tough to do unless you’re flexing the right tools and tactics. Fortunately,’s calendar software can help.

For instance,’s calendar software allows you to set and receive smart notifications when deadlines are getting close so you can stay on top of tasks and get everything done on time.

When to use calendar software

Now that you know why calendar software is useful let’s talk about when to use it. Here are a few heavy-hitters:

Managing long-term projects

Long-term projects include dozens or even hundreds of tiny tasks that have to get done to support the final deliverable. Without calendar software, though, it can be pretty tough to keep track of all of these., for example, allows you to set tasks with priority statuses, due dates, and color-coded tags to keep everything organized and on-track in your project workflow.

Let’s check out a real-world example:

Say you’re a construction project manager running a jobsite.

The project is a high-dollar custom home, and you’re responsible for orchestrating dozens of tiny deliverables. The answer?’s construction schedule template:

Keeping construction projects organized with's template.

Say, for example, you have subcontractors coming in to set windows on Tuesday and the flooring team coming in on Friday. Between those two appointments, you’ve got the team finishing drywall, and you have to order tile for the kitchen.

With, you can organize all of those tasks in a simple, streamlined, easy-to-visualize way:

Keeping stages of a project organized with's construction schedule templates.

Here are a few of the key benefits of calendar software for long-term projects:

  • Create action items
  • Stay within your budget
  • Visualize the project
  • Integrate with other tools
  • Simplify communication with stakeholders

Say hello to more straightforward long-term projects, starting now.

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Onboarding new employees or clients

Let’s face it: onboarding is challenging. And it’s tough partially because it’s outdated (10% of companies have not updated their onboarding process for employees in the last three years) and because there’s seldom a set structure in place.

Luckily, calendar software can help!

For example, when you use, you can use the preset employee onboarding template to create a smooth onboarding experience for new employees.

Streamline your employee onboarding process with's templates.

Whether you’re hiring one employee or twenty,’s calendar software (and handy-dandy templates) can help you…

  • Keep your onboarding assets organized. Attach your employee handbook, writer’s guide, NDAs, and anything else you need new employees to interact with to the template. It’s a handy way to keep everything in one place and make sure your employees have the information they need to thrive.
  • Provide status updates. What’s going on with that task due at the end of the week? Do you have an employee that’s stuck on something and needs further clarification? No matter what the case may be, good calendar software allows you to follow progress, respond to issues quickly, and keep things moving.
  • Create to-do lists. Keep everyone on-task and moving forward with convenient checklists that lay out the must-dos for new employees.

General projects

Are you running a general project? Calendar software can help with that! offers “calendar” as a view option, in conjunction with other handy views, like Gantt charts. It’s the best way to interact with your data, your details, and your day – the way you choose!

Final Thoughts

In a world where there are so many calendar software choices to sift through, it can be tough to figure out which one is right for you.

If you’re looking for a truly calendar software that works as hard as you do, though, it’s hard to beat

Designed to integrate with all your favorite apps, provide a streamlined “week at a glance” view, and more, offers the flexibility, features, and functionality your team needs to stay on track and enjoy easier workdays.

Want to hit the ground running? Check out our library of customizable templates to get more done fast.

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