People all around the world use to do amazing things, but it’s a little hard to top Schanzer Racing. This Bavaria-based German NGO, composed of a team of 80 students, designs and builds a race car from scratch every year to participate in a competition called Formula Student. It’s a massive year long undertaking: car design starts in August and September, the assembly of the car begins in about January, rollout is in May, and the events take place from July through September. We were proud to partner with Schanzer this past year and support them in their endeavor. Schanzer even used to manage the entire project. We spoke to Timm Lenhart, Schanzer’s CFO on their experience with and how the used it to manage the process: “I think is a wonderful tool and helped us a lot to get along, get tasks organized and just be organized as a team overall. We used to clearly map and assign tasks and then to make sure they were followed up on. But not only that, we also used it as a platform for discussion of certain issues, as well as creating a clear picture of the entire project. So it created  team-wide transparency of what is going on, with what priority, who was involved, and more.” Their favorite part of “The overall overview and transparency it created for the entire team: being able to see what others are doing and everything around it is a great feature. Nothing is forgotten” We’re so honored to have been part of such an interesting project, and we can’t lie—it’s pretty cool to see our logo on a race car. 🙂 Amazing work, Schanzer! PS: How teachers use for lesson planning