As more and more companies are switching their status to WFH (work from home), it can be difficult to know how to manage this uncharted territory.

Making sure your company is managing their health responsibly while keeping company goals and work schedules on track can be a daunting task— especially when you need to get everything set up in a matter of days.

All of us here at are WFH for the near future. For us, it means relying on our platform even more than we have in the past, and discovering first hand how important transparent communication, clear ownership, and working together is for distributed teams.

It also means we are coming up with tons of new ideas on how to make even more remote-work-friendly, which means integrations, updates, and new features on their way!

As a part of that effort, we’ve created some great new templates for managing COVID-19 specific communications and daily workflows turned remote.

Remote Work Templates

Remote Team Requests

The Remote Team Requests board is the perfect way to receive and organize IT, Ops, or any other kind of request from remote team members. Send the board as a form to all remote workers, have them fill their requests, and their answers will automatically populate the board, seamlessly integrating into your workflow. You can also dedicate a group to outstanding questions or FAQ to be used as a resource when there is no IT team around to ask.

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Daily Team Tasks

This template will help you and your team align daily team tasks to ensure you stay on the same page. Define your work sprints (days, weeks, months) to keep your work in context. You can assign a task owner to make sure everyone knows who needs to do what. Keep it all organized with statuses signifying the kind of task it is, and you’ll be ready to go!

Pro tip: Timeline view will give you a sense of your next week’s schedule at a glance.

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Project Communication Plan

With something like COVID-19 that has such profound effects both internationally and locally, it is important to align your company on planned communications. This can encompass internal communications— informing teams on logistics involved with transitioning remote, assuring them of the company’s business continuity, and also external communications— informing customers of the company’s health, plan of action, and any do-good initiatives planned.

This board can get you started right away. Organize your groups into weeks, months, or even days to plan the type of communication, who it is for, the owner of the project, and any additional comments needed. This will be the go-to resource for you teams when they need to stay up to date on the company’s messaging around COVID-19.

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Team Documents and Resources

Once you’ve used the communication plan template to make sure you’re aligned on your company-wide COVID-19 messaging, you’ll probably need to share that information externally, or become more informed yourself. This template will be your go to place to store anything from legal documents, sales pitches, presentations or training resources to make sure your team doesn’t skip a beat.

This board will ensure everyone on your team is aligned, working from the same source of truth. Having everyone on board with your COVID-19 plan and equipped with the necessary tools will ensure you can adapt quickly and effectively in these uncertain times.

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Content Requests

Managing a company during something like COVID-19 is new territory for everyone. That means you’ll probably have a lot of content requests coming from all teams, to make sure they are helping partners, customers, and employees get through these difficult times to the best of their abilities. This template will help your content team organize where requests are coming from, what stage they are in, who the project belongs to, due dates and more. It also lets everyone in the company know that there is on central place to go to submit a request to the content team, saving everyone from miscommunication and missed deadlines.

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Creative Requests

Get a handle on all COVID-19 related requests that come into the creative team. Organize each project by its stage (in coming, in review, done) to make sure the creative team always knows what they should be working on. By easily assigning the designer in charge, project requester, due dates, and sharing relevant files, every stakeholder in the project knows exactly when they should expect something and where to find it.

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Projects Overview Tracking

Unexpectedly working from home can leave you struggling to stay up to date with all of the momentum you had going in the office. With the projects overview tracking board you can see where all projects stand, where the bottlenecks are, who the project owners are, timeline, and more. Working from home doesn’t mean having to compromise transparency into project progression.

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Employee Quarantine Status

Staying on top of your employees’ health in high-risk times is any company’s top priority. With the use of our Intake Form template, you can easily track any employee who could be at risk to ensure you make the best choices for the health and safety of the entire company. Update contact information, clearance status, quarantine start date and more to make sure you are always aware of the status of your employees.

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COVID-19 Communications Plan

With new updates and restrictions coming in all the time, it’s important to communicate information clearly and consistently across your organization. This template will allow you to put all important communications in one centralized place so all employees know what your organization is doing to ensure their safety. Section the board into internal discussions, business guidelines, and external communication strategies to align and move forward.

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COVID-19 Risk Assessment

From canceled events to the realignment of priorities— COVID-19’s butterfly effect spreads widely across any business. To try to understand the reach and impact of the coronavirus, you can use this template to outline the potential risk, revenue impact, timeline, and project owner of initiatives that will be affected. To understand how best to react, you need to understand the effects first.

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For almost every team, the growing concern around COVID-19 and the shift of daily routine into remote work poses unique and unanticipated challenges. The templates shared in this post can help you and your team keep the ball rolling on your success and stay on top of your team’s well-being.