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Everyone at is WFH now

Everyone at is WFH now

Here’s how we’re staying connected, productive, and healthy


We stay in shape with morning workout routines led by our very own training pros 😉


We dress for ‘work’ in the morning (but embrace the cozy perks of WFH)

wfh dress for work


We set up our workstations, and share pictures with our team!

WFH workstations

We attend our weekly stand-ups – all 406 of us


We find someone to hold us accountable to our weekly goals

WFH weekly goals
We celebrate our teammates’ birthdays  – in style 🎂
(with customized backgrounds ft. our favorite llamas!!)

WFH teammates birthday

We make sure our little ones are properly entertained

WFH little ones entertained

…including our pets

WHF with pets

…because ignoring either of them is not an option 🤦‍♂️

WFH with children

WFH with pets

We enjoy home-cooked insta-perfect lunches 

WHF home-cooked lunch

We overcome the afternoon slump… or at least most of us do 🙄

WFH and overcome the afternoon slump

We find creative ways to multitask

WFH creative ways to multitaskWe wash our dishes in between (and during) virtual meetings

WFH: washing our dishes in between virtual meetings

We record all our calls for those who missed them
(for one reason, or another – oops! 😬)

WFH: record all our calls for those who missed them

We make sure to take breaks and let others take charge

WFH: We make sure to take breaks and let others take charge

We get ‘dem views and rays ☀️

WFH: views and rays
And we end off the workday just right 🥂

WFH: end off the workday

Last but not least, we also share our WFH tips with each other
and we’re happy to share them with you too!

Check out WFH Tips

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