As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread around the world, our uncompromising priorities at remain the success of customers, the safety of our employees, and supporting efforts that combat this outbreak the best ways we can.

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Our commitment to quality service 

As a company, we are committed to providing a safe environment for our employees and ensuring business continuity, to best serve our customers and partners.

We are confident that the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) will not impact the platform and our commitment to our global community of users is unwavering. We thank you for your continued support and trust in us.

We have ensured that our team members have whatever they need to work remotely as needed, and to continue doing their jobs securely. We have increased channels of internal communication, and as always, prioritize communication with you, our customers, so you can remain focused on your business priorities.

What we’re doing to help

Today, hundreds of non-profit organizations, hospitals, and universities are using to accelerate their efforts to do good things in the world. We are continuously inspired by the incredible ways has helped those organizations help others.

In light of the ongoing outbreak, we want to help as many teams as we can to accomplish even more. We believe in the power of our platform to help any team work better together, and especially in a remote environment, and we want to do our part to support the efforts combatting  COVID-19.

To that end, if you are an NGO you can fill out this form to inquire about a discounted account.

Guidance on remote work, with more to come

Helping virtual teams overcome the communication and collaboration obstacles they face on a daily basis is an essential part of the platform. Over the years, many remote teams have chosen to use our platform to improve their daily workflows, but working as a remote team takes time to refine. We know that for so many of you, the shift to work remotely was unexpected. To help ease this transition, we’re happy to share a few templates our customers use to manage their remote teams for you to get started with.

Check out some of our remote team templates here:

Managing remote daily team tasks
This template will help you get a jump start on your work as a remote team. Aligning on daily tasks will help you all stay on the same page and make sure things don’t slip through the cracks.

Managing a remote content team 
This template will help you take your content creation process from initial idea to delivery, all while working remotely.

Managing a remote R&D team
This template is used by a team that works out of both Pakistan and California. No matter where your team is working from, you can communicate and collaborate as if you’re in the same room.

Managing a remote HR team
This template is great for HR teams that need to sign up and start working on the same day. Simple templates and workflows will help you get going right off the bat.

Stay tuned for more content, templates, and updates in the coming days that will help you and your teams transition smoothly, wherever you find yourself working.

Stay healthy

During times like these, we’re all glued to the news. We’re continuing to monitor the situation with updates from the World Health Organization, among other sources and guidelines and are committed to reassessing the situation and adjusting our plans accordingly.

Thank you for your trust in us. Let’s all stay happy, healthy, and keep washing our hands!

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