“The team, the team, the team.”

The legendary head football coach at the University of Michigan, Bo Schembechler, is famous for uttering those words to his players in a 1983 pre-game speech.

The team at monday.com agrees with Bo.

We are all in when it comes to teams and teamwork. Teamwork is our foundation. Teamwork is at our core. Teamwork is literally in our messaging.

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Author John C. Maxwell, famous for saying, “teamwork makes the dream work,” agrees about the importance of the team. 

And who can forget the GOAT, NBA basketball player Michael Jordan’s famous quote: “Talent wins games but teamwork wins championships.” 

From moving a boat through the water to assembling an automobile to finding a vaccine for a global pandemic, working as a team usually leads to a faster and more effective outcome. 

But not all teams are successful. Planning, monitoring, and constant work are essential.

What are the four elements of successful teams?

Putting together a well-oiled team is both an art and a science.

Randomly and haphazardly throwing a team together does not guarantee project success. It’s important to think strategically when compiling team members to ensure a positive outcome. 

Here are four ways to ensure team success.

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  1. Open communication: Teams begin to break down when lines of communication fail and/or when team members feel as though they can’t voice their opinions freely. Individuals need to know their thoughts are valued and will not be outright rejected. Openness and honesty create trust within a team and results in less resentment and fewer conflicts.
  2. Concrete, meaningful goals: Knowing where you are going and how you will get there and that all team members are on the same page will result in a more successful project outcome. Clearly defined goals reduce ambiguity and hold team members accountable.
  3. Delegation: One reason teams are formed is that no one person can do it all. Think about an American football team — the quarterback is the team leader and is the best person to complete passes while the running back is there to, well, run the ball. While most quarterbacks can also run the ball and most running backs can throw, sticking to each individual’s strengths makes the entire team more powerful.
  4. Support: It’s important that each and every team member feels supported, trusted, and respected. Knowing that other team members have their back is essential. 

Want to learn a few more ways to ensuring thriving teams? Check out this 7-minute read on what makes a team effective.

Teamwork and project management

Project management is how to organize people, resources, and processes to achieve a goal with a defined beginning and end. It includes the initiation, outlining, execution, overseeing, and completion of a project.

Per the definition, an essential component of project management is people — and teams.

Teams — and teamwork — are the foundation of any project. Teams do not exist in a vacuum. And successful teams do not become successful by accident. 

Solid project management has transparency at its core. When information is available to everyone, teammates see the bigger picture and understand how their work and contributions make a direct impact.

Project management and teamwork are intrinsically tied together. Good project management requires sound teamwork and successful teams need robust management. 

Read the 5 project management strategies to keep your projects on track for a deeper dive into this topic.

Project management software is the bridge

Project management software empowers teams to plan, track, and ultimately deliver projects on schedule.

Effective project management software ensures teams can:

  • Centralize work and improve collaboration: manage projects in one workspace and easily communicate with the team in context — share files, ideas, comments, and more
  • Visualize projects at a glance: get clarity on projects with an easy-to-use Gantt chart, workload view, or whatever visual view works best
  • Gain data-driven insights: monitor project progress at every stage by getting a high-level view of what’s happening in multiple boards
  • Stay on top of schedules: Stay up to date with projects to ensure deadlines are met

Project management software also helps teams to automate routine, often tedious, work in seconds to ensure your projects run smoothly. 

This automation means teams receive instant due date reminders, update notifications, and are able to customize their own code-free automations to simplify workflows.

Project management software is essentially one workspace for the entire life cycle of any and all projects.

Customizable templates power teamwork project management software

At monday.com, we provide users with easy-to-set-up templates so teams can instantly create their own project planning boards.

Need more customization? Choose from one of monday.com’s ready-made templates — templates that can be customized to fit the needs of every team and project of any size.

But don’t take our word. After all, we are (a bit) biased.

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