Thankfully, in several countries mass vaccination campaigns have helped reduce the spread of COVID-19. Among the many benefits of returning to normal, this means that many teachers and students in universities around the world will be able to return to their pre-pandemic model of face to face instruction.

Still, many universities will start the fall semester with at least some distance learning measures, especially in countries where COVID-19 still poses a significant challenge to public health. While such measures are surely important for keeping students and faculty safe, students learning remotely often find it difficult to engage and collaborate with their classmates.

With the help of the right online learning platform, though, students can recapture some of the value and excitement of in-person education, even in a virtual classroom.

If you’ll be learning remotely this coming semester, or if you’ll be unable to meet in person with your classmates, think of as your Remote Learning Management platform,  housing all of your class requirements, assignments, materials, projects, and communication.

Here are four ways you can use to maintain the same quality of your educational experience and stay on track when learning remotely.

Easily track assignments

If you’re a student, keeping track of assignments can be even harder without physically being on campus or in a classroom.

In, you can create a board to help you manage all your schoolwork. Add your assignments and any other important information to make sure you complete your work and never miss a due date.

Then, you can easily filter the board , in real time to show just the work you have to do on a weekly, daily or per-project basis. You can also create a dashboard to create your virtual learning environment and manage all your classes and tasks in one space, instead of having to navigate between different boards.

Organize your class schedule

If your classes are being held online, you can create a board to act as a weekly online course schedule. Add items per class, add a date column, and set up notifications for each class to make sure you actually make it there. If you miss a class, add a link column to attach the online classes or class recordings.

Staying on top of your schedule means you’ll be meeting with your professors regularly and staying up to date on class material, so it’ll (almost) feel like you’ve never left campus while being in a remote classroom. Read more about best practices to go about organizing your schedule in “The most productive part of your college day” so that you can be your most productive self!

Yearly class schedule board with classes per semester, dates, location, syllabus files and GPA

Stay on top of grades, from anywhere

As your professors post your grades, create a board to organize all of your grades in one place. By doing so, you can easily see your progress, take note of areas for improvement, and celebrate your successes.

Class grade book board with grades per class per semester


Track weekly meetings and goals

Whether you are working on a group project for class or as part of a student organization, when finishing up your weekly team meeting over the video platform of your choice, it’s important not to let those action items go unattended. To prevent this from happening, you can create a weekly meetings board in

Create an item for each week’s meeting, attach a link to the call recording, and have contextual conversations in the comments regarding next steps. Use the Status column to signify if a meeting will be canceled, postponed, or still waiting on the recording. Add a quick description to remind you and your team of the main points from the meeting. will allow you and your team to log action items from each meeting and easily assign ownership, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. Plus, giving transparent access to all previous weekly meetings can act as a valuable knowledge library for future members.

Weekly meetings board with items per weekly meeting

Online education has its own unique challenges, especially when it comes unexpectedly. But with, you and your classmates can easily work together and stay on track to ensure the educational continuity that you need, no matter where you are. Learn more about college time management in “5 simple time management tips for college students“.

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