When it comes to managing business finances and budget, every team should be able to visualize where things stand. While the finance team is your right hand to make sure everything is on track, effectively preparing resources and strategizing plans requires a general understanding of your expenses and budgets. That’s why monday.com created strategic finance-oriented templates to help every team seamlessly manage your company money.

What is a spreadsheet for business expenses?

An expense template lets you track and record all your company expenses with a strategic, pre-built structure. It’s designed to help you easily visualize what was purchased, why it was purchased, who made the purchase, and how much was spent to ensure no important cost falls through the cracks and strategically prepare future budgets.

While the types of expenses people are tracking may vary, most of the budget-related spreadsheets include:

  • rows for every expense item
  • date columns
  • vendor columns
  • expense description columns
  • amount columns
  • unit cost columns
  • method of payment columns
  • formulas that automatically calculate expenses

These types of spreadsheets are meant to ensure you understand how you and your team are spending your money. And while it may sound tedious to track each purchase, the benefits are completely worth it.

What can you get with expense templates?

Make better financial decisions

The ability to visualize all your business expenses enables you to improve how you strategically allocate your funds. That’s why easy-to-follow expense spreadsheets are so critical.

Centralize information

No need to send long email updates about changes in budget or try to track down who made various charges. All relevant stakeholders can reference one intuitive single source of truth with complete visibility.

Save time and money

Standardized spreadsheets offer built-in formulas that calculate totals and averages for you to save time and avoid error. With a powerful software like monday.com, you can also automate the entire expense reporting process to cut costs and maximize efficiency.

Identify unusual expenses

Easily visualize and spot any strange payments early to quickly investigate any fraudulent or unauthorized spending.

Which monday.com template is right for you?

Business Expenses Template

Designed to give you the perfect guidance for financial reporting, monday.com’s Business Expenses Template can be customized to fit your exact needs. Utilize intuitive formulas to effortlessly track your expenses, set up powerful automations to keep all your stakeholders updated on changes in real-time, and visualize all your financial reporting on clear dashboards for better insights on your business spending.

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Budget Tracking Template

Gain greater control over your finances with monday.com’s customizable and easy-to-navigate Budget Tracking Template. With this strategic template, you can easily compare your actual expenses versus your budgeted amounts, get a clearer picture of your organization’s financial situation, and set up powerful automations to instantly notify team members on changes to the budget.

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Expense Tracker Template

monday.com’s Expense Tracker Template is built to help you be more proactive with your money management. WIth all your key expense information in one place, the template simplifies the process of analyzing your expenses and preparing later budgets. If you’re looking for an expense report template that’s intuitive, flexible, and pre-loaded with useful automations – like alerts for payment reminders – then this template is most definitely your answer.

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