If you start your PM software journey with a few strokes on the keyboard in a search engine, you’re likely to be overwhelmed with the results. As a creative agency team leader, you need a tool that both caters and can be customized to your team’s workflow and skillset.

In this blog post, we’re providing a useful framework that will explain how to get it right the first time. Through three simple questions, you can identify the ideal tools you need to get more work done.

Question #1: Do you work with predominantly technical people?

What you need from a project management tool is going to vary, depending on the type of creative agency you are.

If you answered “yes” to this question, a more code-based or open source tool will be a good fit. There are many great tools built with a focus on developers and development.

If this doesn’t sound up your teams’ alley, you’ll want to head in the direction of software that is more intuitive, creative, and user-friendly. 

monday.com is a great tool that caters to any type of creative agency or team because its intuitive interface is built to be an easy and enjoyable way to organize your entire workflow, regardless of team size or tech-savviness. monday even offers a robust template center, with boards and resources to get you started building your creative agency’s workflow.

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Question #2: How do you plan to conduct internal testing and bug reporting?

If you provide web design, or any other other creative client service for that matter, the testing phase is a crucial part of your workflow. This process can often be time consuming, and the pressure is on to deliver quality work in a timely manner. 

When choosing a project management software, it’s paramount that you choose one that offers many integrations with the tools you already use to do great work. To build upon the importance of this fusion, let’s examine the powerful two-way sync between Marker.io and monday.com.

The combination of these tools makes testing and bug reporting easy for your creative team, your developers, and your clients. Here is what a workflow for a client could look like with Marker.io and monday:

  1. Take a screenshot with Marker.io when they spot a problem on the platform
  2. Add a title, short description, and note on the screenshot (if needed)
  3. Report the issue with one click

What information do developers need from creative teams to solve bugs?

Developers have very specific needs in order to solve bugs, and creative teams can benefit from having their “reporting center” in the same platform that they already do their work in. Below is an example of the information needed to report a bug with the Marker.io integration on monday.com:

  1. Descriptive title
  2. Screenshot
  3. Short description
  4. Steps to reproduce
  5. Reporter’s information
  6. Page URL
  7. Console logs
  8. Environment data

marker.io bug reporting

Not only is it super easy for your clients or team members to report, but your developers also get all of this information sent straight into their ecosystem.

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Question #3: How do you want to organize your other tools?

There isn’t a single creative agency in the world that doesn’t use multiple tools in tandem to execute their work. When looking for a project management tool, you should be looking for a tool that has a lot of integrations and comes with extensive features.

monday.com comes with an incredible amount of integration options, including:

  • Marker.io
  • Outlook
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Dropbox
  • Zoom
  • Slack
  • and so many more.

When you use a Work OS like monday.com, you create a single source of truth. It works smoothly with other tools, while at the same time reducing the amount of additional tools you need. monday.com comes with an impressive arsenal of features which are relevant to creative agencies, like a stellar integration with the Adobe Creative Cloud, including multiple timeline and calendar views, file sharing, and more. 

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A creative agency’s strength comes from its wide variety of talent and creative energy. In order for this to be translated into business success, it’s imperative that you choose a project management software that fits the bill.

A few considerations should be factored into this decision, from the technical abilities of your team to your internal testing methods and finally how you wish to organize your existing tools and software. By asking yourself such questions, you keep the needs of your team and creative agency in mind. 

monday.com’s work OS was built to check every item on a creative agency’s list—it is intuitive, and integrates nicely with all kinds of tools while still bringing its own robust features to the table. 

See how you can optimize your creative agency’s workflow with a template from our template center.

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