We’re dedicating this week to all the project managers out there. You don’t need “PM” in your title in order to manage complex projects, long stretching timelines, and resource allocation. So this one goes out to you, whether your office walls are lined with Project Management Certificates or you learned on the go, we’ve got some updates this week that will do you some good.

Let’s dive in!

  • Split workload per person
    Workload will now be split evenly between two assigned owners.
  • Managing workspaces
    All users can now manage who is subscribed to a Workspace.
  • Updates to student plan
    We now have a dedicated page for student plans with a bunch of brand new features!
  • Footer for Groups
    We have just added a group footer for collapsed groups!

Split workload per person
We’re all about teamwork here at monday.com, so we know that most initiatives are going to involve more than one person to get the work done. But previously, it was hard to get an accurate view of the Workload investment for a project where multiple owners were assigned. Not anymore! Now, when two owners are assigned to an item, the Workload allocation will automatically be split between the two owners.

Managing workspaces
All accounts can now manage their Workspace subscriptions! What does this mean exactly? If you open up a Workspace for, let’s say, your Marketing team you can now subscribe only the relevant people to get notifications for that Workspace. This is huge for decluttering your account, having transparency without information override, and making sure those that need to be in the know—are.

Updates to student plan
You know how we talked about titleless project managers? Well students, we see you. We think managing group projects, building out your thesis, running research projects, and whatever else you’re managing requires the proper tools to get it under control. That’s why we’ve launched a dedicated support page for student accounts and enriched the accounts with these new features:

  • Timeline view
  • Calendar view
  • Forms customization
  • Charts view
  • Formulas
  • 10 boards per dashboard

Footer for Groups
If you are always looking for ways to get a skimmable understanding of where you stand on a project, this is your update. We have now added Group footers for collapsable Groups! That means that even when you collapse a Group so you can focus on something specific, you still get an overhead view of your progress, budget, timeline, etc of each Group. Three cheers for comprehensive views!

With these new platform enhancements, you can rest easy that every project will be managed to a tee—whether it’s a student project, marketing launch, or anything in between.