Over the years, we’ve seen that lots of teams who start using monday.com start off simple and begin to build more and more complex workflows with time. That’s because Josh from Accounting invites Lauren from Design, who then needs to share her files with Jenna in Marketing and, BAM, you’re creating cross-board automations, sending notifications, building templates— and the rest is history.

For all those teams who started with a simple board to track to-do’s and now perform organization-wide complex workflows daily—we see you, and these updates are for you.

So what do we have this week?

  • Custom recipes can now include subitems
    You can now involve subitems in your custom recipes!
  • SCIM full support
    Large teams can now securely and easily create, disable, and manage users and teams in their accounts vis SCIM support.
  • New wizard in Apps
    We launched a brand new wizard within the monday Apps Framework to make building apps easier than ever!
  • Automations now support restricted columns
    If you have permission to restricted columns, you can now include them in automations.
  • Duplication of custom recipes
    Your custom automations will now duplicate along with your boards!

Custom recipes can now include subitems

Subitems were one of the most highly anticipated platform updates and a lot of you were reeeeally pumped when they launched. But launching subitems was just the beginning. We are still improving and working to including subitems in every aspect of the platform. Launching the ability to include subitems when building custom recipes is a huge part of that! Take a look at how it works:

SCIM Full Support

For big organizations looking to onboard entire departments or groups of new hires, adding new users is now easy and secure with the automatic management of users and teams. Organizations can create users for their entire workforce with one click! For more information, you can speak to a monday.com product consultant. 

New wizard in Apps

This is probably the closest to magic you’ve seen this week. We just launched a feature creation wizard in the monday Apps Framework that makes building apps easier than ever. With a simple walkthrough, you can choose a feature, get some basic info, and dive right into the dev environment to build your app.

Automations now support restricted columns

You can now include restricted columns in your automation recipes! If you work with employee salaries, that information may be confidential but it may also be crucial to your workflow and require notifications, automations, or integrations. Now, if you have permission to those restricted columns you can include them in recipes just like any other information, and for those without access, it will appear as a general recipe (instead of “When Salary is changed to High notify Finance”, it would appear as “When Status is changed to Something notify Someone”).

Duplication of custom recipes

Let’s say you build the board of your (and everyone else in your teams’) dreams. You have integrations with your must-have tools, built custom recipes— the whole deal. You can now duplicate that board and bring all of its custom recipes along with it and yes, that includes recipes built with monday Apps!


Let us know how you’re using these feature updates, and share what more you’d like to see in your monday.com account! Submit your monday App idea here and once it’s approved we will donate $100 to the charity of your choice!