The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived: the end of this whirlwind year we call 2020! Hopefully, you’re as ready as we are to kiss this loooong year goodbye, but also pleased to say hello to our latest updates and new features 🙂

  • Improved behavior of workspaces button

The workspaces button in the left pane now takes you to the last board you visited.

  • Delete custom automation (recipe) template

Rest assured deleting the template won’t change any automation based on the template.

  • Duplicate group with dependencies

You can now duplicate a group in a board with a dependency column.


Improved behavior of workspaces button

Up until now, the workspaces button on the left pane always took you to the first board available. From here on out, it now takes you to the last dashboard/ board/ workspace you visited.

Also, when it takes you to a board, it takes you directly to the last view you were using.

gif showing the new workspace button actions

Delete custom automation (recipe) template

Want to Marie Kondo your boards and clear out some of the clutter in your automations?? No problemo! Now you can delete your custom automation recipe templates without actually changing any existing automation that is related to the template.

Screenshot showing deletion of custom automation recipe

Duplicate group with dependencies

Up until now, if you duplicated a group in a board with a dependency column, the duplicated items still referenced the original group in the dependency column.

Now, the values in the dependency column are changed based on mapping during the duplicate process, so you don’t have to fret!

New workspace button feature, automation recipe updates, and more!

With so many new features, updates, a brand new apps marketplace, and a plethora of other accomplishments, we’re sure proud of all we’ve accomplished in this very challenging year!

Here’s hoping 2021 is even better:)

See you next year!!!