If the Von Trapps were in the productivity business, they’d be singing their praises for the latest R&D iterations. See what we did there? 

Let’s take a look at the newest releases that’ll make your monday.com experience even smoother:

  • Automatically archive completed items

No more manually archiving or deleting completed items.

  • Automatically capture outgoing client emails in monday.com

Write an email and automatically see it appear in your monday.com CRM.

  • New robust Audit Log Table

          Admins can now filter their data by event type and user.

  • Live nonprofit cluster on monday.com

          Visit our new minisite that details offerings for nonprofits. 

  • Automatically link between boards 

          Dynamically link two boards to keep information up to date. 

  • Apps are now open in the EU!


Automation archives or deletes completed items

When you’re planning a project, including all tasks — down to the smallest detail — onto your board helps you stay accountable to the task at hand. But once you mark items as ‘Done,’ you don’t want all that clutter left on your board. This new update takes care of that. 

Follow these steps to keep your board clean:

  1. Go into your board and select Automate in the top right corner 
  2. Click ‘Create Custom Automation.’ You’ll see a list of options under ‘When this happens.’ Select ‘status changes.’
  3. Under ‘Select a column,’ choose ‘Status’ (this also works for subitems) 
  4. Choose between: ‘when status changes to something, do X’ and  ‘when status changes from something to something, do X.’  
  5. Select ‘more options’ and choose delete or archive completed item
  6. Now ‘Create your automation’ and you’re all set! 

status changes automation


Automatically capture outgoing client emails in monday.com

Want to send new emails to clients from your own account and have those emails appear on your monday.com board? Well now you can —  with the new update, you can use any email account you’d like and all communications will automatically be logged in monday.com.

log outgoing emails

A new and improved audit log

A great improvement for enterprises to know what’s going on in their account and answer these essential questions:

  1. Did someone perform a sensitive action in the account (i.e – export account data)
  2. When someone leaves the company – what were their last actions?

Before, team leads would have to scroll through a long list of events and try to pick out important insights. Now, admins can filter data by event type and user. 

Bonus: We also added more data on events. For instance, admins can now know if or when a user exported a board and which board it was.  


audit log


Our nonprofit mini site is live!  

Get all the info you need to organize, track, plan, and execute your nonprofit workflow

Check out our features, success stories, eligibility, and pricing for nonprofits on our brand new official site: 

nonprofit site


Sync important data between boards

This is a big one – team members can now choose between three recipes that will automatically connect data between boards. 

So for those teams that have both high and low level boards, each time you create an item on the low level board, you can link the change to the high level board without creating a new item. 


syncing items between boards

The EU can now get apps! 

The wait is over, the EU can now:

  • Install marketplace apps
  • Develop apps
  • Install apps from the US in the EU and vice versa
  • Access all kinds of app features and integrations 


A clutterless board, robust Audit Log Tables, a shiny new nonprofit site, auto linking between boards, and apps rollout to the EU?? Now that’s something to sing about.