Another week, another round of incredible product updates! Brought from us (with extra props to our R&D team) straight to you! This week is extra special because we are highlighting our newest integration with Zoom to help you and your team organize your virtual meetings without missing any value.

Whether you’re a veteran remote-worker or new to the game, Zoom can be a lifesaver for connecting with your team from anywhere. Not physically being together, however, can mean ending a call with tons of action items… and no shared place to communicate them.

Enter and Zoom’s new integration!

I don’t want to say this integration will change remote work forever… but I think I just did.

This is how it works:

Go to the board you’d like to add the integration to, and select our integrations icon.

Select Zoom from the list of shiny new integrations.

Once you select the Zoom integration, you’ll see the recipe below:

This means that when you start a Zoom meeting, an item in the board will be created for you. You can populate the update with any of the information from Zoom that will help you move forward after the call:

Let’s say you and your team had a virtual meeting with an important client, and you want to be able to review your notes after the call, and assign action items to everyone involved—all in one place. When the call begins, you and your team can start taking notes directly within the item that’s created in to keep an accurate record of the call and action items, so you don’t miss or forget a thing.

And if you’re on a pro account, all of the attendees of the call will automatically be added to the item.

Extra perks:

You can keep a record of the amount of time the call was scheduled for, and the amount of time it actually took. If you and your team’s morning sync calls are scheduled for 1 hour, and by the end of the month you see that they only take an average of 30 minutes, that information can save you precious time in the future!

You can also add a link column to the board to attach recordings of the call. That way all notes, action items, and takeaways are communicated in context, with the call recording easily accessible to everyone.

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