We talk a lot about the collaboration and open communication that monday.com creates within teams—and the same goes for us. It probably comes as little surprise to you, but the team at monday.com only uses, yep you guessed it, monday.com.

And that’s how the CS team is able to tell R&D in seconds when users experience a bug, it’s how Product Consultants can tell the Product team when users absolutely neeeeed a new feature, and it’s how Marketing can stay up to date with all of the new features, views, widgets, and so on to eventually share it with all of you.

So now, let’s see the fruits of this collaboration from this week!

  • Subitems in table widget
    You can now populate your table widget with subitems!
  • New category for subitem automations
    You can now see all of the automations that involve subitems under one category in the Automations store
  • Subitems mapping in cross-board automations
    You can trigger cross-board automations using subitems
  • Salesforce integration supports custom objects
    You can now create automations with your custom objects within Salesforce
  • Introducing the Button Column!
    We just launched a new Button Column, scroll down to see how it works

Subitems in table widget

The table widget is an absolute must for so many teams, being able to pull the most relevant data from multiple boards into one place not only saves you tab space on your browser, but lets you understand at a glance where projects stand, what you need to do when, and anything else you want to filter by. With this update, your subitems can be pulled into those table widgets as well! Check it out below:

New category for subitem automations

The subitem updates just keep coming! We have now opened a ‘Subitem’ category within the Automation store dedicated to subitem automations. Check out the two automations that are in there right now:

Subitems mapping in cross-board automations

The last in this week’s saga of subitem updates—we are excited to launch the ability to trigger cross-board automations using subtasks! It is currently available for automation #183

This is a great move in our “Automations support everything” initiative (more updates on that to come).

Salesforce integration supports custom objects

You can now use the same recipe for Salesforce recipe and include custom objects. One thing to keep in mind is that it may take around 3 minutes to sync.

Introducing the Button Column!

People love pressing buttons. It’s fun, fast, and disproportionately rewarding. You can now get that button-pressing rush on your monday boards! In this example we set up a button with the automation

When the Done! Button in the column Congrats! is pushed, the item will be moved to the group Done.

As always our team is working round the clock to make our platform more robust, more fun, and more connected. To stay up to date and join the conversation, check out our monday Community!