The most important thing here at has always been our product. Everything starts and ends with creating a tool that creates real value in people’s lives… a tool that people actually love to use. (See: our vision for the next generation of management tools.)

That’s why we’re committed to always improving our product: building new features, improving what already exists, and always listening to customer feedback. If you missed it, here are 7 big things we added to over the past half year or so:


1. Time management is now visual: The new timeline is one of the biggest and best things we’ve created…maybe ever. With the timeline, you can plan visually with a single glance, create a roadmap, and see who’s working on what, when, and for how long.

Released just a few months ago, we’ve gotten amazing feedback on the timeline, and have already made some great additional improvements to it. For example, you can now sync the timeline with your calendar!

2. Work on our new desktop apps: A lot of you have asked about this, and they’re here! Available for Mac or Windows, the desktop app allows you to stop getting lost in a million tabs on your browser.

3. Easily track time and budgets: With the new numbers column, you can easily track time, calculate budgets, and much more. You can customize any unit and assign a wide variety of functions, such as sum, average, median, and more.

4. Plan your calendar: Easily sync the date column with Google Calendar, iCal, or Outlook to see all your to-dos and important dates in one place.

5. From house cat to cheetah: Our well-fed developers doubled the speed of the initial page load of Less meow, more roar.

6. Hulk mode/heavy lifting: You can now select multiple pulses and move them, delete them, archive them, and/or change the value of their columns… all at once. It’s a guaranteed time-saver.

7. Create and mention teams: You can now create and mention entire teams. That means you can update entire departments (or even the whole company) like @marketing, @support, or @everyone in one go. With great power comes great responsibility, so use it wisely 🙂

As we mentioned, we have a lot of big things in the pipeline, so the best is definitely yet to come!