Exciting news! WIRED included us in their new list of Europe’s 100 Hottest Startups of 2017. We’re huge fans of WIRED, an online publication and magazine that focuses on how technology affects culture, the economy, and politics. It’s an incredible honor to be featured as one of the “brilliant minds and companies that will make a difference in the long run.” (Wow, what kind words!) Here’s the little blurb they wrote about us, in case you’re interested:

“As remote working becomes more commonplace, tools for online collaboration are having a moment – see the rapid growth of Slack and Trello. Launched in 2012 by Roy Man and Eran Zinman, monday.com’s project-management software lets teams centralise emails, documents and presentations. Its simplicity has led to word-of-mouth growth: clients include adidas, Uber and the WeWork co-working community. In April, it raised $25 million to expand further into the US.”

Here’s the full list of startups and here’s where they mention us. Thank you so much for the feature, WIRED! And as always, thank you to our amazing community of customers who support us as we reach every new milestone. We wouldn’t be here without you.

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