We’ve got super exciting news to share! We just raised a Series D funding round, led by our new investment partner, Sapphire Ventures. Sapphire is an amazing firm that shares so many of our values, and we’re grateful to have them as partners on our journey to build a great company, based on a great product.

So, what might this new funding mean for you? Well, most importantly, we’re going to keep expanding the platform that we all really, truly believe in—a team collaboration tool that you actually love to use. We have even more features that we want to build for you and endless functionalities that we want to empower you to build for yourself. It has always been our mission to create software that works for you, rather than the other way around.

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With the recent launch of automations and integrations, we’ve taken that to the next level and made just about anything possible…but let’s first take it back to the beginning. The concept for monday.com came from trying to solve our own challenges of connecting the marketing team to the development team, the design team to the product team, the operations team to the management team, and so on and so on.

We did not understand at first, the depth of the problem we were working to solve– the fundamental challenges that all people face when working together. We were frustrated by the lack of tools out there and could not understand why ease-of-use and high quality seemed to be reserved for consumer technologies. So we built a solution that is totally customizable, simple, and beautiful.

What we didn’t know then though, was that this adaptable structure to communicate and collaborate, one that is simple and clear, could help so many people across so many industries. But indeed it has. Today, there is no business type that isn’t represented by at least a few hundred teams in the monday.com customer base and we’re just getting started!

Adding automations and integrations to monday.com built in transformative new functionalities to the platform. Teams are now empowered with the ability to connect unlimited cloud apps to the tool, establishing monday as the central work hub for any organization. What was once only attainable by trained developers, can now be achieved by every team around the world with a simple click.

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We witness every day how you, our diverse community of users, accomplish incredible things when given the ability to build your own workflow and now the opportunities are endless! You can automate millions of workplace actions so you can focus on what really matters. It’s as if we’ve given you your own personal assistant that always works and never drops the ball.

With the ability to integrate every tool you need into monday.com, it could be email or a calendar or a survey or chat capabilities- whatever it is, we’ve got your back. The new era of software interconnectivity is here!

We’re so excited to be part of a new category of project management tools that’s emerging and demanding people expect more from their software. As the market mindset shifts from traditional “problem-based” software, to a “platform-based” approach, the old enterprise tools just aren’t cutting it anymore. From the very foundation of monday.com, our boards, to our newest automation and integration features, the experience is yours to create.

Together with our new partners and our new funding, we’re working towards our mission and bringing the platform to even more teams around the world. As per always, we thank you so very much for being along for the ride and we can’t wait to see where this journey takes us.

With love, The monday.com Team

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