Last week was an exciting time for everyone at In addition to sharing our 2021 4th quarter results, we also announced that we have expanded our partnership with KPMG and signed a strategic alliance agreement that will bring the power of to KPMG member firms across the world!

What does this alliance really mean for and KPMG? Together, we will build and implement customized, enterprise-grade solutions that empower KPMG member firms to deliver strategic operating models to their clients on top of our agile work operating system (Work OS).

This alliance will leverage KPMG’s business insights and deep industry expertise combined with the technological innovation of our low-code/no-code platform to create a true strategic partnership. Bringing together our industry expertise in both consulting and software, we will be able to leverage one another’s strengths and help revolutionize how organizations work, together.

The first Work OS in the Strategic Alliance 

With the announcement of this alliance, joined a select network of leading technology, data, and services companies chosen by the KPMG Strategic Alliance Organization, including Microsoft, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Workday. We are honored to join this group of leaders as the very first in our category, the Work OS.

How and KPMG’s value-based partnership began

This new strategic alliance agreement deepens an already long-standing relationship with KPMG, which started as a partnership with KPMG Israel.

After navigating challenges as a result of the pandemic, we began officially working together in 2020 and developed the Center of Excellence in KPMG Israel. The Center of Excellence has already created multiple solutions and business apps on that solve pressing business challenges and optimize the way organizations work.

We kickstarted the relationship with a crisis management solution and have since expanded to also include a GRC solution (governance, risk management, and compliance solutions), as well as an Oracle NetSuite ERP integration, an Azure DevOps integration, and a Smart Document Reader App. announces a strategic alliance with KPMG announces a strategic alliance with KPMG

Over time, our partnership with KPMG Israel evolved from a regional alliance to something that more people across KPMG recognized the value of our Work OS and the way that our joint solutions can change the way enterprises work for the better, leading us to this broader partnership.  

What’s next? 

Global expansion

Now, our work with KPMG Israel will serve as a template for how we can work together with KPMG firms across the globe. Each firm brings with it a unique set of business challenges, which the and KPMG teams will work to overcome by providing customized solutions.

“What excites me most about this alliance is that each KPMG member firm has specific service lines and their own ways of working. I’m excited for us to work with individual firms to figure out how can adapt and help them with their specific needs. From there, once we’ve proven that something works well with one specific service line at one firm in one region, we can present these learnings to other KPMG firms so they can implement them to benefit their own practices based on their market needs.” — Sam Bratsztejn, Global Strategic Alliances Manager at

Deeper, enterprise-grade solutions

Further, as work becomes more digital, a full arsenal of enterprise applications has become table stakes for achieving business objectives and supporting internal functions.

We will work together with KPMG to build flexible solutions that will connect and simplify every aspect of work within an enterprise, and enable KPMG member firms to consistently provide real-time strategic insight, instant solutions, and ongoing services, helping customers unlock opportunities for growth and constantly stay ahead of challenges in the business landscape.

The next step of an impactful partnership

We’re so excited to expand our KPMG collaboration worldwide. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries of how enterprises work across the 145 countries where KPMG firms operate, building adaptable solutions that solve the most complex business challenges of our time.

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