We recently celebrated a few momentous milestones together with many of our clients at our first-ever conference on the future of work at The Mezzanine in New York City.

93,000 paying customers. $100 million in annual recurring revenue surpassed. 360 employees in Tel Aviv and New York. $234 million in capital raised. $185 million in the bank – wow.

We brought together more than 120 industry leaders who are all using monday.com to make transformative changes in the way their teams work collaboratively to drive better business outcomes.

HOLT CAT, Bravado, and Carnival Corporation took the stage to share their inspiring company successes and present their monday.com use cases to a captivated audience.

It was our privilege to meet some of our most loyal New York-based clients in person, and share our long-term vision with an exclusive sneak peek into our platform roadmap (stay tuned for some BIG product announcements :)).

We also had the pleasure of learning about the Infinite Game in the world of business from famed author and optimist Simon Sinek – our keynote speaker.

This inaugural event reaffirms our belief that we have the capabilities within our platform to help companies move faster and smarter. And now we’re more excited than ever for the road ahead.

For those of you who missed the magic, here’s a recap of the main highlights from our conference experience.

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A glimpse at our incredible journey

Companies everywhere are moving faster than ever before, and it’s no different in the industry in which we operate.

We launched the first version of our product in 2014 and have been striving to stay ahead of the curve ever since. At the same time, we have been rapidly scaling both our company and our customer base.

At Elevate Conference, our co-founders Roy Mann and Eran Zinman took attendees through our product’s journey and company values, sharing valuable insights into how to move fast while remaining customer-centric.

In the beginning

For Roy and Eran, it all started with recognizing a fundamental problem: Most productivity software and tools weren’t keeping up with the new ways teams need to work together to achieve meaningful success.

Instead of helping organizations be more productive, these tools were actually slowing teams down.

How can you move fast as a team or company when your tools force you to adjust and adapt in order to work with them? When you’re juggling multiple tools that don’t connect to each other, creating team silos? When your tools are only good for managing your work but not your team?

The answer is, you can’t. And that’s the opportunity Eran and Roy identified and addressed in founding and developing monday.com.

They understood right away that the right productivity tool needs to be dynamic and flexible. It needs the ability to adapt to your team and be easy enough to learn and use.

When team members find that a tool is intuitive to use, they feel confident and empowered to use the tool everyday. And, when they also like the user interface and experience of the tool they’re using, it makes getting work done that much more enjoyable.

Usage of the tool then spreads organically and rapidly across the company, opening up doors to greater visibility, collaboration, and connectivity.

Moving at lightning speed

monday.com is rooted in transparency as both a company and a product. We believe that teams should be given direction, autonomy, and trust to quickly make decisions and take action. And that’s why our product’s default is set to open.

It not only accelerates the speed at which teams can operate but also motivates people because everyone can take ownership and receive recognition for their work.

It is paramount today for organizations to act as a ‘nervous system’ that allows for sensing and taking action at the edge (i.e. team level) – rather than trickle down from the top.

Transparency, especially in numbers and metrics, is what drives and empowers teams at monday.com to push the product and company forward. And, it is key to moving fast.

“We tell our teams where to go and they figure out how best to get there,” said Zinman.

Taking monday.com to the next level 

We added versatile building blocks to our platform to increase its flexibility so teams could build processes for any project in any industry at scale, even faster.

Here are five game-changing building blocks we recently added:

Column types: More than 40 column types to store any type of data you want, from time tracking data, to geographic locations.

Views: Multiple options to view business data in different dimensions, from Map and Timeline to Kanban and Chart.

Automations: Automating processes to accelerate teamwork – from assigning owners, to new tasks, to notifying teammates when a status changes.

Integrations: The ability to breakdown team silos and sync data to monday.com from more than 25 systems (with many more on the way), creating harmony between the software tools that run your business.

Interactive dashboards: Provides a high-level overview of your data, allowing you to gain insights faster and make smarter decisions across your entire company.

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Three world-leading clients with three captivating success stories

We heard how HOLT CAT, Bravado, and Carnival Corporation use and adapt the monday.com platform in innovative ways to drive their businesses forward.

HOLT CAT on maximizing operational productivity across the business

HOLT CAT is a heavy equipment dealership for Caterpillar equipment, with 3000 employees and dozens of complex projects going on at any given time.

As the largest Caterpillar dealership in the US, managing and tracking inventory and rentals to service more than 10,000 clients is a huge challenge.

Holt Cat

“We needed a multipurpose solution for our business that would promote visibility and clarity, and improve communication. What we had wasn’t working for us…,” said Douglas Latham, Rental Operations Manager.

monday.com gave HOLT CAT the ability to create transformational workflows that included everything from digitizing rental return processes, to client service communication and feedback.

Bravado on creating global team connectivity through supply chain alignment

In a business that’s 80% quick turnaround and 20% forecasting, is it even possible to create lanes of visibility throughout the supply chain? That was Bravado’s challenge before monday.com.

Bravado is a full-service global merchandise company working with major labels that represent artists from Billie Eilish to The Rolling Stones. Their large-scale projects require global cross-functional team collaboration to bring an artist’s vision to life.


monday.com helped Bravado maximize on their short forecasting windows to improve connectivity and collaboration across 9000 employees. Teams from retail and e-commerce to operations and product development, now have the visibility they need to work in alignment and achieve success.

“It shows you how when you get everyone to buy into a process, and they have the right solution to do it, they can drive and stimulate opportunistic sales,” said Jacob Thomas, Vice President of Global Sourcing and Supply Chain.

Carnival Corporation & PLC on improving transparency to drive continuous operational and cultural improvements

“Unlike a resort shoreside, we have to deal with all of the logistical challenges of moving a ship around the world… we need to make our guests safe and protect the environment… failure to do so is not an option,” said Richard Brilliant, SVP & Chief Audit Officer.

Carnival Corporation is currently the world’s largest travel leisure corporation, with 17,000 employees spread across the globe both on land and at sea. In 2012, the company experienced a tragic accident that resulted in several lives lost. The company needed to ensure that an event like that never happened again.

It was clear that the way the organization operated needed to change dramatically. Email, sticky-notes, and handwritten logs to manage and track processes weren’t going to cut it anymore. Carnival Corporation needed a solution that would bring transparency and structure to processes and ensure continuous improvements to mitigate risks and prevent unnecessary failures.

“monday.com has created a virtual office for our team so no matter where they are in the world they’re communicating. They’re collaborating. They’re coordinating,” said Brilliant. “We’ve created a level of transparency now that’s unparalleled.”

Simon Sinek on how to stay ahead in the ‘Infinite Game’

Learning from optimist Simon Sinek was inspiring as always. As our keynote speaker, Simon talked about the Infinite Game in the world of business. A game where there is no winner or finish line.

In his talk, he explained how understanding the rules is essential for leaders of organizations that want to get ahead and remain at the forefront.

So, what’s next?

Our goal is to keep the momentum going and continue moving at high speed.

monday.com will soon be even more scalable for enterprise accounts, with market-first capabilities that will enable companies of all sizes to move even faster.

At Elevate Conference, attendees had an exclusive first-look at what’s upcoming and soon you will have the opportunity to learn about them too.

A big heartfelt thank you!

Thanks again to Elevate Conference attendees and all of our other wonderful clients around the world who continue to use monday.com in the most inspiring and innovative ways.

And, a special thank you to the incredible team behind this event – we couldn’t have pulled it off without you!

Stay tuned for our feature release announcements and future events!

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