We’re super happy to announce that we’ve closed our series B funding round, led by Insight Venture Partners. Insight is an awesome firm that shares many of our values, and we’re grateful to have them as partners on this journey of building a great company based on a great product. This round also includes further investment from our Series A investors, Genesis and Entree Capital.

2017 is shaping up to be an amazing year. We have big plans for the product and for our incredible community of customers. With your support and feedback, we’re able to constantly improve a product that we really believe in—a task management software that people actually love to use.

We’re now a team of 57 people working here at monday.com. We have more than 10,000 paying teams using our product. Given our current trajectory, we plan for all of this to grow, and fast. We’re hiring for dozens of positions and are always looking for talented people to join us. With an amazing team, incredible innovations to our product and community will follow.

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So what can you expect from us in the future?

We’re more committed than ever to building an amazing experience for our customers. We’ll be investing time, resources, and energy into every aspect of our operations, but for you, here are the tangible things you can look forward to in the future.

1. A phenomenal stand-alone mobile app

We love mobile and have already made a ton of improvements to our iOS and Android apps. Right now you can update monday.com and communicate with your team on your phone, but you still need to use monday.com on your desktop to build everything you want and need. There’s a huge opportunity for us to improve our mobile experience, so we will be focusing a ton of time and effort on it.

We’re going to take all the functionality you enjoy on desktop and build it into our mobile apps. That means the apps will stand alone completely. It’s an ambitious undertaking, as it’s never before been done at this scale. There are no mobile apps on the market that allow you to create and manage in-depth workflows on the tiny screen of your phone, so it will be cool to lead this initiative.

2. Killer integrations to different platforms

We currently have an API that allows anyone to build their own integrations. Additionally, we already include several built-in integrations, such as support for Google Docs, Dropbox, email, and calendars.

We’ve gotten a lot of requests to expand this, so we’re going to make a huge investment in building killer integrations with many different platforms. We’re going to start with Salesforce, Slack, and JIRA, so stay tuned!

3. A community to share tips and best practices

We currently have 2,000 members and counting in monday.com Addicts, our private Facebook group. It’s a vibrant community of evangelists, where people request features, provide honest feedback, and share best practices on how they use monday.com.

Our entire team of developers, designers, and product managers are active in this group, reading and replying to posts. It’s a very cool community where there’s a direct line of communication between our customers and the people creating the product.

Our plan is to take what we’ve done with monday.com Addicts and do something on a larger scale. We want to build a proper stage for experts in their fields to share the challenges and issues they’ve faced using monday.com, as well as the solutions they’ve found. We get tons of requests on best practices on a wide variety of topics, ranging from web development to marketing to event management. If we can create a platform where everyone can share their best practices, we can create something really valuable.

We’re really excited to have a new partner and funding to continue building the next generation of work tools. And we’re happy to have such supportive customers to join us on this ride. As our CTO Eran Zinman says, “The best is yet to come!”

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