With the rise of hybrid and remote work options, the need for document management software is sky-high.

If we have any hope of doing more with less, then we need our software solutions to work for us. They need to streamline our workflows, reduce admin tasks, and cut down on email.

Fortunately, the right document management software can do all that and more.

Unfortunately, finding the best document management software for Mac is tricky — especially one that works best with Mac’s interface.

But it’s far from impossible.

In this article, we’ll not only define document management software but will also explore the top 5 essential features to look for when picking the right one for your business and of course, your Mac.

What is document management software?

Before we dive too deep into the process of finding the perfect document management software for Mac, let’s first define it and understand what it does.

Document management software (DMS) automates the document storage process from document creation through distribution and does so in a manner that makes every document easily accessible throughout your business.

In plain terms, the right DMS will help you create and manage your electronic documents so anyone can access them — anyplace and anytime.

A thriving, modern business can’t operate with an old-school filing system. Emailing docs back and forth won’t cut it either. You need real-time, shared access to all your documents at all times.

Companies of all sizes and from virtually any industry benefit from using document management software. Accounting firms use it to keep track of financial documents. Loan officers keep up with all their mortgage forms in a DMS. The list is truly endless.

What are the benefits of document management software?

The use cases of top-tier document management software are immense — but why should you use it?

DMS benefits ranging from cost reductions and secure delivery

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The benefits of a DMS include:

  • Increasing efficiency by always having the most up-to-date docs available.
  • Reducing the clutter of physical documents and going fully paperless.
  • Accessing documents anytime and anywhere thanks to cloud storage.
  • Reducing the storage costs of keeping physical documents.
  • Easily searching for files across the entire file management system.
  • Communicating and collaborating on document creation in one central location.
  • Reducing the amount of email back-and-forth sharing documents.
  • Maximizing document security by uploading documents to a secure location versus emailing them back and forth.
  • Less human error since you’re not sharing documents back-and-forth, and you get timestamps indicating uploads, changes, and feedback.

Once you invest in your own document management system, you’ll wonder what you ever did without one.

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5 essential features of the best document management software for Mac

It’s challenging to determine the “absolute best” of anything. It’s true for restaurants, TV shows, and the document management tools available.

The right electronic document management system is the one you’ll actually use. It has all the must-have features and plenty of nice-to-have ones too.

Here are 5 essential features that’ll help you determine which document manager is the best for you:

1. Flexible storage capabilities

Storing documents is the number one priority when it comes to picking the best document management system for Mac. Truly mastering digital asset management starts and ends with the flexibility of your storage solution.

That means supporting each file type you use.

For example, monday.com’s document management software supports a wide range of files, including PNG, JPEG, Word, PDF, Excel, GIF, MP4, SVG, TXT, and more.

monday.com document management file types

You can upload files from your computer, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, and Google Drive. And arguably, the best part is a solution like monday.com will scale with you. That means you’re not paying for features or storage you don’t need upfront, but as your business thrives and grows into new needs, monday.com will scale with you.

2. Enhanced mobility

Plenty of software providers out there tout the ability to store documents. That’s not special in and of itself.

But not all of them store your documents in the cloud.

If you’re new to the cloud, that just means your data is stored offsite on secure servers that you can tap into from anywhere in the world. No expensive servers for you to set up, and no major catastrophe can wipe out your data. It’s all easily accessible and fully protected at all times.

By 2025, we’ll have over 100 zettabytes of data stored in the cloud. For context, a single zettabyte will fill roughly 1,000 data centers which is equivalent to roughly 20% of Manhattan, New York.

And beyond simply storing documents in the cloud, a great DMS will give you access — no matter where you are.  monday.com has an iOS app that will pair nicely for all you Mac users. We also have an Android app for those of you who aren’t fully bought into the Apple ecosystem.

monday.com mobile project management and document management

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3. Robust integration options

Long gone are the days of companies thinking they can be a truly “all-in-one solution.” Everyone realizes they have strengths and weaknesses, and rather than trying to solve everything, the smart DMS providers open themselves up to the possibility of integrating with other solutions.

For example, files have to get onto your main DMS somehow, and it’s not always your desktop. Sometimes it’s Google Drive, Dropbox, Creative Cloud, or even Slack. Files come from everywhere, and it’s a pain to use a middleman source to get them into your DMS. monday.com integrates with all 4 of those solutions and dozens more.

monday.com also integrates with Zapier, which connects you to 3,000+ more apps. It doesn’t get much better than that.

4. Streamlined collaboration features

Integrating the ability to attach documents to tasks is a must-have feature. That’s a given. But how about seamless inclusion into workflows, processes and projects?

monday.com team project collaboration

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In monday.com you can incorporate documents into your workfows and processes by attaching them to items,  and, at a glance, see the status of an item, timeline, conversations, tagged team members, and any other pertinent information you choose simply by choosing a custom column from one of the 30+ you have to choose from in monday.com.

The best cloud document management solution will also have built-in collaboration features that connect all areas of your business. Ideally, it’ll shield sensitive documents from those without clearance and facilitate easy access for those who do, like monday.com does with flexible guest permissions, so you can choose who accesses what.

5. Limitless automation possibilities

As we discussed above, documents are rarely just for review. They’re also a major action item for most organizations. Your team is likely creating, editing, and sharing documents multiple times a day, which is both time-consuming and complicated at times.

To help ease the burden, you want an electronic document management system that will integrate right into your document workflow and automate parts of the process. Here’s where monday.com really shines. monday.com makes it easy to build a custom workflow that layers automation recipes into the fold, which will perform actions based on the triggers you define in advance.

In simple terms, monday.com will do tasks for you without you lifting a finger. An automation recipe only takes a few minutes to set up and is as simple as marking a trigger to an action. An example with document management might be notifying a team member 2 days before a document is due or emailing your creative team to create custom graphics for a document when its status moves to Finished. The possibilities are endless, and so is the upside.

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Managing greatness with monday.com

monday.com is far more than a simple document management solution. It’s a complete Work OS rich with features that are sure to make your organization more efficient and effective.

Real-time document collaboration with monday Docs

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Beyond document management, there are literally dozens and dozens of features you’re sure to love about monday.com:

  • 8+ data visualizations so you can see all your data in the best way possible.
  • Strict security and regulation standards ensure your data is always safe.
  • 200+ templates, so no matter the project, you can hit the ground running.
  • 30+ custom column types so you can recreate your unique workflow in no time.
  • Integrated survey creation so you can create your own custom documents.
  • monday workdocs, which facilitate document creation and collaboration without the need to switch programs.
  • Ability to be whatever type of work management tool you need on your preferred device, whether it’s a CRM for Mac or a product development workflow management system for a PC.

As you can see, document management is just one of the many benefits monday.com offers that’ll enhance the way you do business.

Securing your future

Finding the best document management system for Mac may feel challenging, but that’s probably because you’re looking at standalone DMS providers. They’re a dime a dozen and really don’t add much value beyond storing documents. To truly boost your team’s productivity and effectiveness, you need a Work OS with DMS features built-in.

The no-brainer choice is monday.com. But don’t take our word for it. Give our Resource Management template a spin and see for yourself. It may be the best thing you do all week.

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