Every producer or video production company needs a solid video production project plan before heading into a shoot.

It’s not easy to predict everything that might happen during the entire video production process— from location scouting to editing time, or talent. Whether you work in an in-house team or as part of a creative agency, creating a video requires a solid video production project plan to help you save time and achieve the goals for your video.

In this post, we’ll share two templates you can use for any type of video to manage your production schedule, shooting schedule, and more, along with some best practices that will help you take your projects all the way from pre to post with ease.

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Video production project management begins with planning

Before the production phase, to have a successful video you’ll want to get a handle on video pre-production’s many moving parts. This way, you can create a scalable and repeatable process for all of your video content to come.

In this video production project management board, your team can easily collaborate on:

The creative approach: Who’s your target audience? What’s your objective? What do you want to happen when people finish watching your video? Will you be releasing cuts to social media? Develop your message accordingly.

Writing the script: This is one of the most critical steps in your pre-production process. What’s the concept of the video? Does your script convey your core message?

Creating a storyboard: Sketch out how the movie will go, frame by frame. Get really specific and dive into the detail with a shot list.

Voiceover: Will your video have a narrator? What do you want the audio of your video to sound like?

Location: Where will the video be filmed?

Talent: Do you need to hire actors?

Gantt chart showing video production

The visual status labels of your board make it clear exactly where things stand and if anything is stuck, and being able to view this information in a Gantt chart makes it that much easier to visualize timelines. This is especially critical if you’re working with clients and depend on them to provide assets or approval.

With proper video production project management, you can ensure that everything will go smoothly when it’s finally time to hit “record” and get the cameras rolling.

Wrapping things up in post-production

Once you’ve filmed your video and everything went off without a hitch, the work is not over yet. Now it’s time for the work of post-production.

Below is a video walk-through of the production workflow, including a monday.com post-production board which you can use to manage your editing process, communicate with the editors on your team, and make sure everything is aligned with client expectations.

Again, you probably go through a similar post-production process for every video you create. Tracking all videos on one board makes it easy to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

In the post-production board, you can manage:

Brand assets: Did you get everything you need from the client in terms of their logo, photographs, or other assets they need to have included?

Music: It’s critical for this to be aligned with the initial creative brainstorming. What do you want your viewer to feel when they hear the music?

Audio mixing: Combine all the speech, voice-overs, background noises, sound effects, and music into one pleasing audiotrack.

Color: Does anything need color correction? Do you want to use color grading?

Teams are the fuel behind video production

Keeping everyone in sync is the secret ingredient behind a smooth video production process. Both of the templates above are meant to be a seamless part of your experience with monday.com‘s Work OS, which is built for teams of all sizes and industries.

These templates empower you to assign owners for every task and approval needed and gives you a central place for collaboration in real-time. You can keep feedback and files organized by adding columns where you can drag files for upload or take them directly from your device.

When you need to share a timeline, status update, or report on budgets or time spent, it’s easy to share or export from our platform via integrations or dashboards.

Make video magic happen with monday.com Work OS

Video production project management doesn’t need to be painful or laborious when you have the right creative project management software. Use our templates to see clear ownership of productions, store all of your files and communication in one place, and never drop the ball again.

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