We don’t know who needs to hear this but social media management is hard.

We get it. From managing countless brand deals on Instagram to launching Facebook campaigns and running a weekly podcast (all while syncing with multiple stakeholders) managing a company’s social media efforts is no easy task.

Whether you work in a small team, department, or a large agency, every social media manager needs a content calendar. For the sake of order, efficiency and most importantly, your sanity,  you need this tool in your toolbox.

Meet Amy Jo Martin – influencer, podcaster, New York Times best-selling author, just to name a few of were wildly successful endeavours. As the founder of one of the first social media agencies in the world, Amy Jo knows what effective social media management needs. She switched all her operations over to her monday.com’s content calendar to manage everything related to her own brand.

Never used a content calendar?

You’re in for a treat. Read on to find the lifeline you’ve been searching for in this endless sea of content.

Been using a content calendar for years?

Read on to uncover tips and tricks that will make your life a whole lot easier.

Before we dive in and learn how the queen of content uses this tool, let’s start by defining what exactly a content calendar is.

What is a content calendar?  

A content calendar is essentially a schedule outlining when and where you plan to publish your upcoming content.

Content calendars typically include:content calendarA content calendar has endless value, but here are the main pillars:


The common practice is to separate your calendar by type of platform, publish date, status, and necessary assets for that specific post.

For example, the Instagram category would include the photo, the caption, and any hashtags related to that post in order to drive traffic.


Another key element for an effective social content calendar is the ability for teams to collaborate on a shared document so that different versions of the schedule don’t get mixed up.

monday.com allows teams to easily create a content calendar that works for them. All team members collaborate within the board, track progress, and integrate with favorite social media platforms like LinkedIn, and Facebook. Users can also embed Twitter feeds, news updates and Facebook accounts.

Excel spreadsheets for the longest time have been the go-to method for content planning. But they are confusing, slow, and not built for collaboration. monday.com’s Google sheets integration makes it easy to import your spreadsheet data into a monday.com board that visualizes all of your work in one organized workspace.

Planning ahead

In order for a marketer, social media manager, or influencer to maximize each piece of content, the content must fit the audience and objective. This is why it’s important to plan ahead.

Planning your social media in a calendar helps maximize your strategy’s potential for success.

With so many different campaigns and social channels requiring frequent posts, you want to make sure you have everything you need. What will you need exactly? This could be anything from the subject to the media source and the designated channel. All this needs to happen well in advance of each publication date so you can plan accordingly.

Learn from the best: See a content calendar in action! 

Now let’s take a look at a real-life example from Amy Jo Martin – who I had the pleasure to sit down with.

With multiple projects on the go at once, Amy Jo relies on her monday.com boards to organize her day-to-day responsibilities and make sure all of her projects are completed and uploaded on time.

Content calendar

She uses different tables within her board to separate what’s needed for each platform. Each day of the week has its own item and is integrated with Google calendar so that she can get an overview of her week through the calendar view.

Getting a bird’s eye view of her team’s progress

Team access makes it easy to assign tasks and tag people when something needs to be done or is ready for review.

Her social content calendar contains everything the asset needs from the photo being posted, to the hashtags being used.

content planning

The files column enables Amy Jo to embed her photo asset and caption straight into the board.

Assigning action items to stakeholders

Teams can easily communicate on the photo file itself. This helps teams discuss anything that needs to be done for the post and edit the copy directly from the board.

Tagging team members to correct photos, changing copies, or anything else that needs to be done before it’s posted is made easy through using the social media calendar template.

Staying on top of what’s going on day-to-day 

The Google calendar integration allows Amy Jo to see everything that’s on her content schedule for that specific day. With the click of a button, she can access the exact creative brief straight from her calendar.

Calendar integration

Instead of flipping back and forth, monday.com integrates seamlessly with Google calendar so everything you need can be viewed through your calendar view as well as on your personal calendar.

Using social media content calendars to see the bigger picture 

With so many projects in the works, and even more planned for the future, Amy Jo uses a business roadmap to map out the trajectory she sees her business going in. This is all charted out on a Google Sheet, and acts as an overview of what will happen down the road.

With the sheet integration, she can access this at any time so no one on her team loses track of the company’s overall goal.

Additionally, all creative ideas are housed on an integrated “social ideas” document. It’s here that team members are able to drop any idea they have for a potential social post, that can be referenced in the future when they’re looking for any content inspo.

“There are so many different facets to our business and monday.com is the first tool I’ve found that is able to pull everything together in one organized place and keep the team moving forward in sync,” says Amy Jo Martin.

All hail the queen of content Amy Jo Martin who is definitely running things the way anyone involved in social media content should. And no worries if you feel at square one, we at monday.com are here to help.

We’ve seen first hand just how much social media encompasses everything from visuals to captions, to campaign tracking effective collaboration and organization are key, and this can only be achieved through a framework that supports and fosters conversation, ideation, collaboration, and creativity.

Maximize your online presence in just a few clicks.

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