Crispy golden chicken wings, slices of pizza with creamy cheese pulls, even a little football, but maybe the most notorious part of the NFL’s biggest game: Super Bowl ads. Millions of people tune in every year for these star-studded commercials; in 2021 alone, 100.45 million viewers tuned into Super Bowl LV, with another 3.4 million watching via streaming. 

From Budweiser to Tide, Klarna to Coca-cola, brands take full advantage of the massive audience to send their message. During the Super Bowl LVI, all eyes will be on the events at SoFi Stadium and the 30-second spots (plus or minus) that run on February 13th.

This year, joins the legendary ranks, presenting a regional ad during the Big Game! So to honor our debut (and Tom Brady’s retirement), we compiled a list of the 11 best Super Bowl ads of all time. In no particular order, here are our favorites:

Super Bowl Ads we loved over the years

  1. Work Without Limits, – 2022

In our first-ever Big Game ad, is defying gravity, or at least the rules of running successful businesses. In our 30-second spot, we hope to encourage every organization to build and run their strategy without limits. In 2022, employees should be able to work however they want, and makes that a reality by reimagining work in a whole new way.

     2. Smart Park, Hyundai – 2020

For many city dwellers, parking is a sanity-crushing endeavor. Boston natives John Krasinski, Chris Evans, and Rachel Dratch give the Bostonian accent the spotlight, while solving this common issue. With Hyundai’s Smart Car feature, anyone can confidently ‘pahk the cah’ in the tightest of spaces.


3. The showdown, McDonald’s 1993

In 1993, McDonald’s gave us an epic battle, with legends Larry Bird and Michael Jordan playing for the ultimate trophy, a Big Mac. As the athletes challenged each other to increasingly complicated shots —through the window, off the wall, nothing but net’—viewers got a taste of the fast food brand’s pension for viral ads.


4. Parisian Love, Google 2010

Leave it to Google to turn a 52-second ad into a compelling love story. As a foreign exchange student opts for a Parisian experience, he types his questions into the search engine. One search leads to another and before we know it, we’re fawning over true love…and pondering this whole online privacy thing.

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5.  The Force, Volkswagen2011

Star Wars fan or not, it’s hard to resist this adorable Volkswagen commercial. In just over 60 seconds, Volkswagen combines a pop culture canon with innocent fandom and a glimpse of modern technology. Even if you’re not an aspiring Darth Vader, this one’s a hit.


6. Terry Tate, Reebok 2003

Terry Tate gives us that extra dose of motivation to stay on task in this ad by Reebok. Based on a short, “Terry Tate” stars Lester Speight as a tackling office monitor who makes sure no one forgets to put a cover sheet on their report. Though Reebok reported that the commercial didn’t move as much product as expected, they did create a  clip that remains one of the funniest in Super Bowl history.


7. This is the Pepsi, Pepsi 2018

In this spot, PepsiCo allows us to travel back in time through multiple generations happily sipping on the soda.  Whether you grew up with Pepsi’s advertisements in a drive-in theater, Cindy Crawford’s iconic commercial in the early 1990s, or Britney Spears’ endorsement in the early aughts, this classic drink is for every generation.

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8. Clydesdale Respect, Budweiser – 2002

For the 2002 Super Bowl, Budweiser’s Clydesdale horses embark on a journey from their Missouri barn,  crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, and eventually kneeling before the New York skyline to pay their respects to the victims of 9/11. No logos, no voice overs, and no dialogue, but the commercial remains as impactful now as when it first aired.


9. The 100-Year Game, NFL – 2019

To celebrate their 100th season, the NFL hosts a banquet for all their former, present, and future all-stars. As the who’s who of football listens to a celebratory welcome, chaos erupts as a golden football hits the ground. What better way to ring in their 100th season than with a fantastically chaotic pick-up game with all the greats.


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10. The Chase, Audi – 2009

Jason Statham is to car chases as Audi is to innovation. At least that’s the message of this entertaining commercial where the actor stunt-drives from the ’70s through the ’00s all in a different Audi model. With nods to Miami Vice and the Transporter films, we almost forget we’re watching a commercial.


11. Alexa Loses Her Voice, Amazon – 2018

What happens when Alexa loses her voice? The multi-national technology and e-commerce company recruits Cardi B, Rebel Wilson, Gordon Ramsey, and Anthony Hopkins to fill in, resulting in hilarious, unexpected encounters. Alexa, play this again.

 Post game, reimagine the way you work 

The Super Bowl is a time for players to shine, but it’s also one of the biggest opportunities for organizations to get their name out there, attract attention, entertain audiences, and send a message. And as some of these ads go viral or create a lasting positive impression, there are often several winners of the Super Bowl each year.

During an event where America’s top athletes move past their limitations, we’ll be working without limits ourselves; reimagining the way we work in 2022 and beyond, unleashing our potential, and creating real impact—starting with a 30-second Super Bowl ad.

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