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With more than half of employees experiencing an increase in burnout and many voicing feelings of isolation and disconnection, HR managers have been tasked with the difficult challenge of providing employees the necessary support to improve their wellbeing. What’s more?

For the first time, employees are really starting to prioritize their wellness – according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 20 million American workers quit their jobs in 2021 for their mental health. Meaning, if employees feel their organization isn’t doing enough to support their wellbeing, they’ll leave.

That’s why it’s become so critical to have digital tools that enable teams to support physical and mental wellness across organizations.’s HR management system lets human resource teams manage the entire employee lifecycle – from recruitment to onboarding to engagement and wellbeing – all in a single unified platform.

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Employee Lifecycle Packages

Store all your employee information in one place, so you can prepare for major upcoming life-cycle events. Send surprise packages or thoughtful messages with a single click to show employees that you truly care outside the standard 9-5 day.

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Employee Wellbeing Survey

There’s no better place to gain the insights you need to build a wellbeing plan than from your employees themselves – this template helps you harness that data. With the Employee Wellbeing Survey, you can customize the forms directly on to easily measure wellbeing levels, discover which wellness-related elements need more attention, and gather critical insights into the overall state of employee wellbeing at your company. Apply all your findings to make strategic, data-driven decisions.

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Cross-Company Event Planning

Manage all your events, big or small and in-person or virtual, to leave employees feeling empowered, connected, and recharged. With one centralized platform, you can seamlessly collaborate with every stakeholder and utilize statuses to visually track planning progress.

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Even with great intentions, your company may still be hurting employee wellbeing because of the way the work is organized. According to 2021 research from Mind Share Partners, 84% of employees reported at least one workplace factor was negatively impacting their mental health. Don’t wait to prioritize your employees’ wellbeing because if you do, some may have already moved to another company by the time the changes finally come.