How Composite Approach Builds Flying Cars with [VIDEO]


“I’ll break your kneecaps if you go away.”

Sam Meier, General Manager of Composite Approach

We’ve never been so flattered by a threat to our physical well being, and you can rest assured that the sentiment is definitely mutual.

Our Head of Operations Asaf Fradkin and Commissar of Product Marketing Joel “Rocky” Goldstein recently toured the world interviewing our amazing customers face-to-face. After a whirlwind visit to New York City, they flew to Oregon and got stuck in a snowstorm on their way to visit Composite Approach in Redmond. It’s a small little mountain town just outside Bend, a famous outdoor sports mecca.

Composite Approach builds custom airplanes, drones, cars, and marine vehicles—by hand. (NBD.) They’re basically the Samuel L. Jackson of the aircraft world. The guys there shared their experience on how they use to manage their production and manufacturing process, and we were absolutely blown away. Watch the video below to hear what they have to say!

We’re amazed at how is being used in so many different ways by so many different people. From teachers using for lesson planning to creative agencies using while traveling the world, our customers have one major thing in common: they’re now better and happier at their jobs. It’s really, really, really cool.

Stay tuned for more videos from Joel and Asaf’s world tour, and thank you, Composite Approach, for welcoming us into your facility and taking the time to show us around. You guys are the best.