You shared your feedback on Emails & Activities and we took note.

Thanks to you we’ve been able to make some major improvements to ensure you get the seamless experience you deserve. Let’s take a peek at the changes that have already gone live.

Email composer stays open while working

  • The composer window is now sticky, meaning you can effortlessly scroll through your email timeline for quick reference to past emails, keeping everything in context and without closing the email you’re working on.
  • The loading time of the composer is much faster to save you time.


New replies appear chronologically in your timeline

  • Whenever you receive a reply to an email it will appear as its own item at the top of your timeline, helping you see everything in its correct chronological order.
  • Email replies will be displayed within a thread view and not in separate boxes.
  • You’ll also have your emails clearly separated by month to easily keep track.

See new replies at the top of your timeline


Expand and collapse long emails
You can read emails with ease by expanding and collapsing long emails and comfortably see entire threads on a bigger card in one place.

Add and remove recipients to replies
You now have the ability to add and remove recipients in email replies by Ccing and Bccing them as you please, to ensure that no one is left hanging.

Improved activity cards experience

  • Your activity cards will appear much larger now so you can see more than just one line of their contents – so you will see more text and images too, with the ability to read more at will.
  • Activities are also now separated as their own items and by month within a timeline.

Add mentions to activities
Mention different people across all your activities like calls, meetings, notes, etc., to quickly loop them in so everyone is on the same page.

Keep an eye out for upcoming improvements!

We’re talking about…
  • Resizing your composer window: drag-and-resize flexibility so you can make the composer as big or as small as you wish.
  • Sharing email templates within accounts: easily share email templates between account members so everyone can save time on repetitive emails.
  • Syncing your email history: retrieve email history from contacts you communicated with before you integrated your email, so you can easily reference past interactions with clients.

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