4 free project management templates + videos on how to use them

4 project management templates from our legendary customers

We sent Joel and Asaf around the world awhile back to meet our customers in real life, learn how they use monday.com, and return with some killer project management templates. The stories that they came back with blew our socks off, and yes, helped us raise our series B round of funding. 🙂

We were so inspired by the creative, innovative, and brilliant ways these teams use our product. They built out project management templates in monday.com that made us say, “Wow, we never thought to use monday that way…but that’s so cool!” We are so excited to now share some of this wisdom directly with you.

How Nicolas manages his video production process

Nicolas Ramirez is the Founder and Creative Director of East of Normal, a content creation agency based in New York City. Learn how he uses monday.com to coordinate the post production video editing process with his editors and clients.

project management templates

Click above to see Nicolas’ project management template

How Alex plans international events in one board

Alex Dimmick is an Office Manager at Btrax, an agency that helps brands expand into the Japanese, Chinese, and Korean markets. They have one office in San Francisco and another in Tokyo, and in this video, Alex shares how he plans successful events with teams across the world.

project management templates

Click above to see Alex’s event planning project management template

How Aleah Jeans simplifies client management

Aleah Jean Rosales is a project manager at Lightning Jar, a digital creative agency in San Antonio. In this video, she shares how she uses a shareable board to manage urgent client requests, the approval process, and even billing.

template for managing client requests

Click above to see Aleah’s project management template

How Sean manages their manufacturing process

Sean Scotland works at Rendered, a Portland-based company that makes gorgeous screen-printed t-shirts. In this video, he walks us through the board he and his team uses to manage every single order. “I read it like a book, from left to right. It just makes sense to me.”

project management templates

Click above to see Rendered’s project management template


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